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24th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Human is always a curious amalgamation of both positivity and negativity. With both kinds of traits inside, it always perseveres to attain betterment in life. Maybe this is the reason life is called a persistent process of uninterrupted learning. But the fact remains unchanged here, an individual is always a balanced by-product of positivity and negativity.

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Here predictionforsuccess brings you the Zodiacs and their inherited portion of positivity and negativity. This is not an article to bring a comparison between Zodiacs but to identify the good and bad about zodiacs.



Aries is a positive zodiac. It has the quality of high thinking, a big dream and alluring goals. They are confident and positive about their approach.



Taurus is a positive sign with immense agility and power inside. It does not care about the peril and adversity, jumps into the difficulty without a thought.



Gemini is a negative sign with brimming excessive emotion and sluggishness. They are emotional and often go through outbursts in their life.



Cancer is a positive sign with steadiness and composure in mind. They don’t run in a hurry to achieve something in life.



Leo is a positive sign with a great sense of alacrity and intensity. They are curious and audacious too when it comes to learning.



Virgo is a positive sign. They are intense with their approach and way. They don’t feel like rushing to attain a goal, rather they make a proper plan for it.



Libra is a negative sign full of comparison. They do not act ethically often. They become obnoxious sometimes.



Scorpio is a positive sign with a lot of calmness and peace around. The way they handle things is unique and can not be compared to anyone on the list.



Sagittarius is a negative sign with a lot of misconceptions in mind. They are stereotypical and want to stay traditional value-oriented forever.



Capricorn is a positive sign with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. They are good souls with a helping hand.



People of Aquarius are negative with intense competition and crookedness. They don’t want to be tolerant towards others.



Pisces are a positive sign with a lot of peace and tranquillity. The people of this sign are calm and cool. They are easy-going and righteous too.

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