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8th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Yes, love can happen twice! Love can happen thrice and on and on if every time we find a compatible loving person around us. Love is a beautiful feeling to experience. Every time you fall in love, it turns you into a new version of yourself. You feel like a juvenile and jejune. The same tulip blooms for you, and the same nightingale croon for you. Yes, the feeling is unique every time you feel for someone.


Here predictionforsuccess brings you the Zodiacs and their frequency of falling in love. Hope it becomes an interesting article to cheer up your mood.



Aries very seldom fall in love with someone. The only fear they have is heartbreak. They are afraid that they would be betrayed by their partners in a relationship. This apprehension leads them to have the least number of love at first sight in life.



Alike, Aries, Taurus is loyal. They don’t feel like being in multiple relationships frequently. Taurus people are into people who are good at reciprocating in the same way. They don’t fall in love often.



Gemini falls in love every time they find a good soul. They are emotional and elegant! Geminis don’t feel like getting selective or calculative while choosing a partner. They just cherish every bond they come across over the period and for them, they fall in love every time.



Cancer is always skeptical about love. They don’t step into love often. Cancers are calculative and selective. They don’t fall in love all of a sudden. They fall in love seldom.



Leo falls for the real person. They can not digest fake people around. Their ego is their real problem. They don’t want to feel for someone all of a sudden. Love for them is unique.



Virgo people are very secretive and you don’t let people know you effortlessly. The toughest aspect of falling in love with a Virgo is getting to realize them. So if you don’t wish to die alone, try believing people and lending them a chance to get to know you. They don’t fall in love so easily.



Libra people are intense. They are selective. Libra people don’t feel like being in a whimsical relationship. They are absolutely into good people only. Libras do not feel like falling into the trap of love. They take time to be with someone.



Scorpio people fall in love often. They don’t have specific criteria for their partners. They just find the general compatibility in a relationship and then decide to be in that zone with an abundance of love.



Sagittarius people are inclusive and broad. They don’t become skeptical about their relationship and often reach people easily with their decency and great sense of social etiquette. Sagittarius people fall in love easily.



Capricorn is very attractive to fall in love with. They are hard-working and enterprising. They like to have custody over their own life. The problem starts when they try to take control of the emotions of their partner can be terrible since they always think of the worst-case scenario, leading to mistrust and hurt. They fall in love very seldom.



Aquarius doesn’t have a criterion for falling in love. They are easy-going and calm. Their intensity for a relationship is unique. They are beautiful and elegant to be in a relationship. They don’t fall in love easily but fall with the right people.



Pisces people are emotional but they don’t fall easily in love. Their approach to love is different. They take a lot of time to be in that zone. Intelligence compatibility is a must for them.

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