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16th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Life always summed up as a blank canvas and consequences are colors to adorn it with emotions. Imagine how insipid life could have been if there was no color. The colors are beautiful and each color depicts some essence of positivity… brings you the favorite colors of Zodiacs. We hope you find the post useful.(Also read about Prime Elements and their resemblance to the zodiac signs)



Deep blood red is related to Aries. It signifies enthusiasm and immense passion. Clouds like White and Pink comfort them to calm down. But it is better if they avoid black. Rust, saffron, golden yellow, and mustard are the colors that would appeal to an Aries person, all of a sudden.



Pink, cream, black, and white is best for your personality. Don’t wear red, this would affect you negatively, but you can go for maroon. brown and beige also can entice you.



You like the color green, it symbolizes development, regeneration, and imaginativeness. Other colors that can be conducive for them, black, white, pink, and red.



Blue, white, and sea green work for you. At the same time, yellow is auspicious for success. Red can assist to brighten up when you are in a downfall but can be avoided as it can also give birth to chaotic effects on your emotions. Sea green is very good for workwear.



The color orange suits you the best. Wearing it would enhance the charisma and attractive feel of your temperament. Other colors that appeal to you are purple, red, and gold. Pale and pastel colors do not go nicely with your personality.



Pastel and pale shades of all colors entice you. At the same time, peach and mauve to light blue and light pink allure to you. Colors like moss green, bottle green, and green mixed with black are stimulating and in harmony with the Virgo personality.



Blue is perfect for you, as it signifies harmony and stability in all domains of life. White, pink and black also good for you.



Scarlet color catches the magical atmosphere of this sign. Hues of purple, maroon, bottle green, and red with a tinge of black entice to you. Pale hues and pastel colors are not for you.



You like orange, red, yellow and canary yellow. Yellows and blues are decent colors for you. At times, white can alleviate and relax too.



Capricorns choose loamy shades like brown and khaki. They don’t wear red very often but are biased to the shade. White cheers up them and black-and-white combinations are good also.



Violets and other psychedelic colors interest to them. They love unique shades. Something mixed up in different shades is their favorite.



Yellow truly does miracles for them. Bright and violent shades are shaking to the delicate sensibilities of an evolved Piscean. White is an all-time favorite. The color that does not go well with the Piscean mood is green.


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