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14th October 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

What’s your Rashi and why it is important for astrology?

I guess it’s not a strange question nowadays, don’t you love reading your horoscopes or knowing your zodiac sign. It’s a good way to motivate yourself in tough times or even just having a little certainty about the future makes us feel safe.

But ever wondered from where do we predict these things?

Well, don’t worry I’ll give a little brief about these things today.

Astrology is what helps us in predicting these things, itis the study of celestial bodies in this wide universe and how their positioning affects our behavior and life.

I know that sounds a little too superstitious, but you have to agree that we can’t justify everything by science and that’s why we study other phenomena.

For ages, the subject of astrology has been studied by various scientists and scholars and had major significance in our lives. Different cultures such as – Hindu, Chinese, and Maya have even made an elaborate system to study the celestial movement.

So now I’ll tell you the basic significance of each planet –

  • Sun

the supreme light is a star in the center of the solar system, also known as Surya is associated with ego, sense of purpose, and vitality.

  • Moon

also called Chandra signifies shining a God associated with emotions, mother, and motherly instincts.

  • Mercury

also referred to as Budha in Vedas, is treated as a messenger of communication, protecting mankind.

  • Venus

known as Shukra is associated with beauty, love, and Hinduism. In Hindu philosophy, it is known for helping asuras/demons in war.

  • Mars

the Mangal Graha is associated with auspicious occasions and is also known as the son of earth depicting strength and aggression.

  • Jupiter

known as Brihaspati or Guru Graha is known to have helped Gods in act of war also signifying luck and expansion.

  • Saturn

also called Shani is associated with the God of duty. It punishes those who don’t do their duties properly, signifying ambition.

  • Uranus

is also known as Arun is the Greek God of the sky. Vedic philosophy referred to it as the charioteer of the sun.

  • Pluto

according to Vedas is associated with the God of birth and rebirth.

  • Neptune

also called Varun is the planet associated with the Hindu God of rain also signifying illusions and dreams.


Well for now this is the basic you need to know about these planets and their significance.

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