Yearly HoroscopeYearly Horoscope for Leo 2021: Know your predictions

20th December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

A detailed yearly horoscope of Leo for 2021 by the best Astrologer of India Shweta Bhardwaj.


Hey Leo, the year 2021 is going to be filled with weird months. The only thing that will help you get through this year is your confidence, hard work, and motivation about work and activities. Stay on your toes and grab any accomplishments that come your way. This is a good year to finally prove that you are worth more than how people treat you. Before investing in new ventures try to analyze all kinds of investments and opportunities. Due to your outgoing and charming nature, you might end up increasing your social network. Health should be your priority so keep a proper check and take necessary measures.



Not a good year for any kind of investments. This year might not turn out to be the way you would have expected. No sudden increase or gains are seen in the first half of the year. Expenses are going to rise this year, which may cause some money problems if you are not careful. Although this is a good year for taking loans to finance your personal problems. Also to avoid any kind of huge losses, stay away from investments in share markets. However, the real estate market seems to be favorable for you.



With every year passing, you might be getting older and your parents would want you to marry but you are not ready for that kind of commitment yet. Keeping all these things to yourself might not be good, try conveying these thoughts to your partner otherwise some problems might surface. Though this is a good year to introduce your loved one to your family, it will again end up in unnecessary pressure by your elders to get married. Don’t do anything under pressure, rather take your time and do everything whenever you feel that it’s the right time. For now, focus on strengthening your relationship with your partner before even deciding to take the next step.



Shortcuts are not the way to achieve your goals rather work hard by using your intelligence. This year you have to push yourself a little harder than usual. Remember failure is a part of success so just giving up due to minor inconvenience is stupidity. This year you should just focus on doing your job with your whole heart, though slowly but eventually you will achieve the things you desire. Put in some innovative thinking with some out of the box ideas and see how things work out in your favor. The second half of the year seems to be filled with favorable outcomes.



You have worked so hard to lose your weight so this year all you need to do is focus on your diet and eat healthy food as much as possible so that you do not put on any extra weight. Your diet should be rich with nutrients with a wide variety of healthy items. There might be some minor health-related issues that will be seen throughout the year. But you do not have to worry much about it, just take precautions and get regular checkups. Mothers and children need to take proper precautions as they might be more vulnerable to infections. This year might turn out to be good for elderly people as they might get some relief from their long due health issues.


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