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19th July 2019by admin0

Recipe of How Humans initiated the chain reaction of never-ending Chaos-

  • Winners and Losers
  • First and Last
  • Successful and Unsuccessful
  • Satisfied and Unsatisfied
  • Run and Rest

The world is divided on one of the factors said above and sadly we have created a Marketplace of ourselves. Yes, we are selling ourselves, we are actually unaware slaves of the rules we formed.

We are so eager to win, not because we like winning but actually because loosing is shame!

We are not sitting and relaxing even if we need it so badly because that’s what losers do! Right? Wrong!

  • When is the last time you run because you love it, not because you have to beat someone!
  • When is the last time you loved someone because you have love in you, not because you want to ‘trade’!!
  • When is the last time you thought about resting! Yea, like quitting things you don’t like and just listening to the nature? Wasn’t it a scary thought because you have so many bills to pay and money flow will stop? Humans made money and then Money slaved Humans.
  • When is the last time you have salute the people who tried and failed! Oops! We were too busy laughing on them. Remember- The only difference between ‘Try and Failed’ and ‘Try and Succeed’ is number of tries.

Following Cricket? World Cup 2019, nail-biting final, both team did absolutely equal but ended in a controversial result! Why? Because we wanted a winner? Or we wanted a looser?
If we wanted winner, we already had two, both could have shared the world cup!

But what world was more interested in was ‘finding a looser’! If you think about it deeply, you will agree to it and know how sad it is.

Until we find better, we cant have peace inside! A better car, a better partner, a better job, a better house but what we do not understand is ‘better has no end’! Frankly, whole life will be merely a search operation if we keep looking for ‘better’.


Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if we play to enjoy and not just to win? Because at the end, it is a limited life not just an everyday game, right?

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