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A Wind Chime is the most common Feng Shui product that you will frequently observe in a house or office. The best Vaastu experts in India suggest that it is an immensely effective source to bring the positive Feng Shui in your home and office. Since it is handcrafted with great precision, the chiming can be heard even when very less breeze is present.

It is advised to install the Wind Chime at a place in your house or apartment, where natural air enters all the time. The best Vaastu experts advise installing the Wind Chime near the center of the residence/office so that the chiming can be heard in every corner of the place. It is believed that a Wind Chime neutralizes the negative energy. It is also known to be operational for 24 hours.


Matching the Feng Shui element with the area where you plan to install the Wind Chime is important. For example, a wooden or bamboo Wind Chime can be installed in the East, South East and South areas, while a metal Wind Chime is advised to be placed in the West, North West and North areas. Wind Chimes made with clay bells or porcelain are elements of Earth Feng Shui, they are best suited to be placed in the South West, North East, South East and center of a home or office.

The best Vaastu experts in India say that hollow Wind Chime rods are the most suitable choice to seek additional energy however solid Wind Chimes are used to suppress access energy.



Known to be one of the most common remedies in Feng Shui, they help regulate positive and negative energies wherever they are lacking or are in abundance. Some Vaastu experts in Dehradun recommend keeping Wind Chimes outdoors in the garden. It is advised to hang different Wind Chimes with the different number of rods for different corners of your home or office:

5-Rod Wind Chime is advised to be installed in living rooms in the Southeast direction.

  • 6-Rod Wind Chime is advised to be installed in the Northwest corner for strong mental Feng Sui.
  • 7-Rod Wind Chime is advised to be installed in the West direction for fame and a good reputation.
  • 8-Rod Wind Chime is advised to be installed in the Southeast area to open the locks of good luck.
  • 9 or above-Rod Wind Chime is advised to be installed anywhere in the home or office to maintain an overall balance of chi (life energy).

Dos and Don’ts

Vaastu experts assert on some common dos and don’ts for using Wind Chimes, they include:

  • Do not hang metal Wind Chimes on trees as the metal element can clash with the wood element present in the tree. Wooden Wind Chimes can be hung on a tree.
  • Never hang Wind chimes over doors because then they tend to get hit by people and the door itself.
  • Use Wind Chimes where clutter is gathered in your house or workplace. This disrupts the stickiness of the energy present in these areas and makes it easier to keep tidy.
  • Avoid hanging Windchimes in areas where people sit or sleep directly under them. The influence of energy is known to be disturbing to people who come in direct contact with Wind Chimes.
  • Hang 8, 6 or 5-Rod metal Wind Chimes at the end of your staircase to stop your wealth from rushing down toward the main door downstairs.

The correct use of Wind Chimes is known to synchronize people with the five elements of nature according to Feng Shui (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). For remedies related to Windchimes and other Feng Shui items, feel free to contact the best Vaastu expert in Dehradun Vishal Bhardwaj at www.predictionsforsuccess.com.

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