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15th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

As the name very suggests, Vastu Shastra is a Science (Shastra). It is a conglomerate science that encompasses within it: Climatology, Geography, Solar Paths, etc.

In ancient times it was a practice simply to dole out rules and regulations sans reasoning and logic. This was done for both withholding the knowledge and hence power over the rest and also because most of the society then were illiterate and unable to comprehend reasoning.

Hence, the learned took recourse to use words like “Pap” and “Punya” to ensure that rules were followed.

Is Vastu applicable for rental places

Yes, Vastu is applicable for both owned and rented commercial properties. Corporate Vastu easily guides you to apply Vastu for commercial spaces, with no structural change, benefits transferred to the family/work. A harmonized and balanced energetic environment in your commercial space enabled by Vastu sets a stage for attracting success and prosperity for your commercial establishment.

Foundation of Vastu Shastra

Vastu is a science of Energy balancing which is meant to generate positive energy fields in a structure & negate the negative ones. Its purpose is to balance the Panch tatva based energy in a structure.

Now when one says SCIENTIFICALLY what is being referred to, The Concepts of modern science or the Science of ancient wisdom. 

If you try to relate it with modern science then for sure there is no relevance because we are not taught subjects like the subconscious mind, Energy fields, chakras & koshas, etc in schools. These are the concepts of Ancient sciences that are completely inclined towards the human subconscious. Modern science is different as it has more to do with physical aspects of things While ancient wisdom is related to the Energy part.

Vastu in today’s World

Because of the energy state of the unplanned towns being Negative and Disturbed, the Energy Particles flowing through the city are Negative and Disturbed, so following the direction based Traditional Vastu Correction System has become ineffective and mostly counterproductive.

In today’s times, the Vastu Energy Force Field is created as localized and trapped inside each premise so that the Positive energy force field of our home would transform the frequency of the energy particles of the land and building to Positive inside the building and Negative outside the building.

This is done for a Positive flow of energy into the building and we are no longer dependant upon the flow of Energy Particles from the city into the building.

From a scientific, and Vastu point of view, sunlight is good for creating a safe and sound environment where a person can thrive. Not only that, but sunlight also has a good effect on the psychology of a person, creating a “Positive Energy” that keeps a person happy.

This also involves the positioning of several elements in the way a house or shop is constructed as per Vastu. There are strong scientific roots as to why a person should sleep with their head towards North, why the bathroom and kitchen doors do not face each other, and why it is a must that the center of a room is kept free of any clutter.

Thus, it can be concluded that Vasthu which is considered as superstition is cultivated on actual science that results in a healthier and happier home. Vastu may not be a science, but it is scientific.

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