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2nd April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

We often come across news about cricketers or celebrities that they have changed their names. So what exactly the changing name signifies? What does it mean? Well, don’t be worried! Here a noble endeavor by predictionforsuccess.com to make you aware of the significance of changing names. Often people consider it as a neoteric or modern bandwagon. But the truth is it has a prominent astrological implication, especially, numerological.

As we have discussed in our previous article about Mulank, Namank, and Bhagyank, it would be great for you to understand it, explicitly.

As we know, in numerology, every letter has a number behind it and those numbers reflect some specific traits and attributes, respectively. So when it comes to Namank-the name of the individual, it forms a specific number with a sum and that sum turns into Bhagyank- The destiny number.


Why people change their names?

Usually, the destiny number of a person or the name does not work efficiently. This is the reason, with the advice of a proficient astrologer, they excerpt a change in their name. As a result, the change brings some positive consequences to the life of the individual.


How people change their names

As we have mentioned earlier, these names get changed with the proper advice of an expert. But in general, it is done by excerpting a similar pronounced word that would change the sum of bhagyank to a conducive number and would impact life, positively.

If we see to the past, several celebrities have changed their names. The famous Bollywood celebrity Suneil Shetty, who was previously Sunil Shetty had changed his name at the suggestion of an astrologer.

Similarly, Rajkummar Rao added another “M” to his name to have better results in life. Ayushmann Khurrana, who was previously Ayushman Kurana added an extra N and R to his first and last name, respectively.

To sum up, the name change has its own significance. The aforementioned celebrities have accumulated evident success in their respective lives after changing their names, slightly.

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