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10th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Life is always a tunnel of uncertainty. Here expectations bite the dust and despair croons the chorus of triumph, abruptly. Here possibility fails miserably and impossible remains a word in the dictionary only. Maybe this why life demands everyone to keep trying unless the goal is achieved. We lose sometimes, we win too. But we should not leave the fray at any cost. Yes, life asks participation is more important than winning.

Our career coach Vishal Bhardwaj who is considered one of the most recommended Career coaches of India will let you know, Why participation is important than winning.

• Nobody is perfect in this world of utter imperfection and excellence can be attained through failure only. When we keep trying without giving up, we find the skill of success inside us. Then
the path becomes easier to walk in.

• When you don’t get tired of trying, you become the impregnable stone who upholds the power to crack anything. So never get exhausted from trying.

• Winning or Losing is just a part of the game. One has to win and the other one has to embrace the defeat. But the battle is not about two, it includes the entire cosmos to take part in. For example, if a championship offers only two prizes for the winner and runner-up, doesn’t mean the competition will be held between two people only. Rather there will be other stiff competitors to challenge and upset casualties to shock everyone.

• The most significant thing one obtains in the participation is experience. Experience is the essence of life that comes in help while we are on a drowning boat.

• Participation enhances courage, agility, and zeal. The more you scrub yourself on the stone of participation, the more you shine.

• Failure is like the darkness that dissolves as soon as the rays get spread. The story of success comes in only when you rehearse it in the ink of failure. Own your experience and use them as a weapon. When you participate more, you get the spark to accomplish more.


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