NumerologyWhy Numerology Is More Than Just About Numbers?

26th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the realm of astrology, numerology is another inalienable branch that deserves to be understood for the interest of the general good. Numerology, as a study, usually focuses on the study of numbers! The study depicts the essence behind numbers and confronts how beautifully the world has designed its features with measures and numbers.

Before we go into the details of numerology, let’s learn the importance of numbers in our life. We come across numerous numbers in our life. Certain numbers become so specific and apparent to remember while others we just forget. But the truth is every number has a hidden message to convey. If we talk about the significance of numbers, then a simple example would sum up the entire curiosity in a blink. The normal body temperature of the human body is supposed to be 98° F. If it crosses the limit to reach 100 ° F, we experience uneasiness and fatigue. If it goes a little bit up, we might experience fever. So it is just a matter of number! Simultaneously, if we add a single droplet of lemonade to 100 liters of milk, it would split the entire amount so easily. So a single decrease or increase in numbers can make a huge difference to this entire cosmos.


Why numerology is more than numbers?

Numerology is a study that not only studies the essence of numbers! It also helps to go beyond the general connotation to the horizon of absoluteness. It is devotional, spiritual, and enlightening also. From mythology to age-old gospels, the significance of numerology is ubiquitous. The way 365 days are summed up as a year and 7 days are known as a week, it implies the importance of numbers.

Everything in this terrestrial bond is associated with numbers. We 4 Vedas, 3 Devas, 9 Graha and the list is on…


The objective

If we focus on the objective of the study of numerology, it not only studies numbers but works in the favor of mankind. Yes, you heard it right! It works to prognosticate the better number for individuals. For example, the jersey numbers of cricketers and other sports players. They choose them so cautiously to have only a positive impact on them and it does!

It also becomes a measure of success! If you know, then there is something called “Angelic Numbers”. These numbers are very lucky to have with you. The study of numerology deciphers the reason behind those numbers and makes everything transparent for a client. The study also accompanies Vastu and Astrology, prominently. Often experts suggest how the number of things or changes can influence your daily life, profoundly.


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