NumerologyWhy Name Change Is Required For Better Luck?

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You might have noticed, people change their names; or add or subtract an extra alphabet to it. (Also read How Successful is your Name?).

Now the question is, why do people plunge into changing their names?

or believe in changing the spelling of their names?


In layman’s language, each alphabet has been given a certain value according to the study.

For example:-

A J S =1

B K T =2

C L U =3

D M V =4

E N W =5

F O X =6

G P Y =7

H Q Z =8

I R =9

The names that people choose, reflect various factors that determine the success of an individual.

For example:

T A T A:  2121 = 6

Here, 6 is the number. The number “6” creates vibrations which easily gets to the heart of people, because of which that name radiates and appeals to masses and proves to be more successful. The attempt here of what, a person tries to do, by changing their name partially or wholly is that they try to tune into more helpful vibrations, resulting in more success and luck.

Some more examples of people from the Bollywood industry are listed below, who have changed their names according to numerology for luck, prosperity, and excellence.

    New Name                                                                        Original Name

Mallika Sherawat Reena Lamba
Rani Mukerji Rani Muk’h’erji
Ajay Devgn Ajay Devg’a’n
Shilpa Shetty Ashwini Shetty
Ayushman’n’ Khurana Ayushman Khurana


These are some big names who changed their original names after entering into the Bollywood industry, to excel in their career. We are not at all attributing all their success to the changes in their name and undermining their talent, as the mantra to success = numerology + self-effort. But, numerology acts as a positive catalyst to your efforts and hard work, and make destiny fall in your court.

Changing a name may sound lame to people who aren’t aware of the benefits. But, once you yourself plunge into the magnificent and magnanimous effect of name changing then you will get a clear idea of how it can have a huge impact on your destiny.

What if someone asked you to wear a woolen furry coat on a hot sunny afternoon?

You might think he is kidding, Isn’t it?

Here, the coat signifies your name, and the hot sunny afternoon is the circumstances. So, suppose you end up having a fight at your workplace, do you think a name which is hot (Numerology refers to a Mars name) would help you anyhow. No right! – It would just make the situation go worst, just like wearing a woolen coat on a sunny afternoon.

This is where name change, comes into the picture.

A name change can shower you with better luck, provided it is done by a top numerology expert, who has the right knowledge and experience.

If you are stuck and willing to align your destiny, so that it falls in your favor; then simply reach out to our top astrology & numerology expertShweta Bhardwaj’ who is one of India’s most renowned & certified astrologer and numerologist.  No, others could guide you better in cases where you are fidgeting with your luck and looking for someone who has the proficiency in changing names for success and prosperity and to yield better results in your life.

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