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13th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

Astrology like any Vedic science has a core principle: Half-baked knowledge is as dangerous as poison. The question asked here is a clear cut situation of the necessity of Kundli matching in case of love marriage.

To which any wise & well-learned person aware of the subject in depth will specifically tell you, that in case you seek consultation for matching for love marriage, a sound astrologer will put down the kundlis and tell you that a core principle of astrology is that if two souls have fallen in love and wish to come together in a union by marriage, nothing can stop them. 

But horoscope matching doesn’t end here. It’s (much) more than just compatibility.

Suppose there’s a boy named B. He met a girl named G a couple of years ago. They spent a good time together for some years and are in love with each other. By now they’re sure that they both are compatible and decide to marry. Fair enough. Unfortunately, shortly after their marriage both start going through Dasha of a planet that endangers their careers. Suppose it’s Saturn’s time period of 19 years. In this scenario, it would mean living for 19 years with a scarcity of money.

Kundali Matching is the match between the two birth charts. Usually, 2 Kundalis are matched only in case of marriages once the compatibility and the relationship journey of the boy and girl got to be predicted. There are 2 ways in which it will be done. One is Kundali Matching by date of birth in which the Kundali of the boy and girl are matched according to their various birth date, birth location and birth time. While, in Kundali Matching By Name, horoscope matching is completed with the names of the possible bride and groom.

In traditional Indian marriage astrology, Kundali Matching holds a significant position. the reasons behind a similar are several.

a) Compatibility Check – It provides an elaborate description of the compatibility levels of the possible couple.

b) Financial Progress – It helps determine the financial scenario of the couple when marriage and the growth of their various careers.

c) Health and progeny – the possibilities of childbirth and also the health of the entire family are set with this method.

d) Dosha Rectification – Through this method it’s simple to find any discrepancies or ‘Dosha’ in the Kundalis which might then be rectified timely by performing certain pujas.

Out of curiosity, people can seek opinions on the Union for longevity, health, happiness, etc., or where natives have a really tough combination and placements which causes concern. However, there is no base to not go ahead with a union in marriage based on Kundli matching. Since (ideally) these souls commit to being together in all walks of life, no matter how hard or rocky the roads get, they value commitment and choose to stand by them. And like many of the answers, couples do last together, but that doesn’t rule out ups and downs and rocky roads in the marriage, they’re together cause they have committed to being together. The best of love or arrange marriages won’t last together if either of the partners chooses to leave when the tides get rough or at the drop of a hat. 

In addition to Kundali Milan, it is very important for an astrologer to match the behavior and nature so that after marriage they have a good sense of mutual understanding in them. It can be observed that the couple is not compatible with aspects like temperament, love, and understanding. When Kundalis are matched, one can know the possible domain where the couple may fail, so that steps can be taken to rectify the problems.

For some reason, people rely on a whimsical idea that the word of astrology is an ultimatum. That if astrology approves there won’t be ripples in the marriage. Realistically speaking, marriage requires constant effort and constant commitment and a lot of patience from both partners, it’s not a and they happily lived ever after, unless they make efforts to make it. Astrology has nothing to do with people idealizing, it simply shows possibility based on temperaments and nature. 

Common sensically speaking, Astrology cannot rule above a person’s will. A lot of marriages fail not because of falsity in astrology, but a falsity in commitment to oneself and one’s partner. 

The only thing that can keep two people intact is their value to commitment and tolerance, cause like someone rightly said, “Anything that can go wrong, Will go wrong.” It’s the will to stay true to your commitment and stay by the person through thick and through thin that ensures the sanctity of any relationship. 

Benefits of Kundali Matching

So it all depends, every rule cannot be applied to everybody, people can’t generalize things. Find some learned astrologer, get some fair advice.

The fact that they’re compatible doesn’t change. Love and compatibility are integral parts of marriage – no doubt about it. Faith will give you the strength to stand by each other in difficult times. But it does help to get proper horoscope matching done to make sure your faith is not unnecessarily put to test.

And just as preventive health check-up can be done even after getting sick the same way Kundli matching can be done after marriage also, to know the strength and weaknesses of each other and better adjustments.

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