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Kundali matching has been prevalent from our ancestral ages. You cannot underestimate its power, as the basis of marriage in the olden days and the reason for a successful relationship was Kundali matching. Prevalent from the olden times and now as well, people still match Kundalis when it comes to marriages. It is often believed that to check, whether a couple would be compatible, long-lasting, and easy blending with each other, matching of Kundalis plays an important role. In a Hindu marriage, the various ritual takes place, before any actual rasam (marriage proceedings) and even in deciding whether the marriage will happen or not, the first step is; the matching of Kundalis.


What is the truth behind it?

Is it that important as it seems?

And if it is? Why so?


Following are the reasons that would clear all your doubts!




Kundali matching also known as ‘Gunamilan’ steps one. To check the partner’s compatibility with one another, its stability and longevity of the relationship of the girl and the boy who seek to marry, matching of the Gunas are essential. It is generally done as per the guidelines that exist in astrological texts of Vedic tradition. There are a total, 36 gunas that are looked for in both the girl as well as the boy.

Following are the eight categories also known as AshtaKoot with the number of points allotted for each of these categories. The total number of points under the matching in these eight categories makes 36 Gunas.


Nadi:        8 Points

Bhakoot:  7 Points

Gana:      6 Points

Maitri:      5 Points

Yoni:        4 Points

Tara:        3 Points

Vasya:     2 Points

Varna:     1 Point.


Hence the total number of Gunas is 36.

For a marriage to be successful at least 18 out of 36 Gunas should match.


  1.     DOSHAS

Whenever a child is born, the positioning or the timings of the stars is such that, it causes certain doshas like Shanidosha or mangal dosh. These doshas often lead to trouble after marriages. While studying a Kundali these doshas can be easily detected and by performing certain poojas it can be curbed.


  1.     CHILDREN

Certain predictions related to childbirth or any problems related to it can easily be detected by Kundali matching. There should be no affliction for the birth of a child in the horoscope.


  1.     FINANCE

By kundali matching it could be easily known whether the couple will be financially sound or not, or even if there are any issues that might arise later in the future. Financial problems can also create problems in a happy married life. It should be checked that the horoscope does not have any daridrayogas.


  1.     HEALTH

The health prospect of both partners can easily be told. Kundali matching can tell you, whether your partner will have sound health or not. You can also know if your partner might have any disease in the future or not. It is very vital for both the partners to be healthy for a healthy and happy married life!


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