AstrologyWhy is your zodiac still single?

24th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In this world of love and romance, nobody wishes to remain far from the proximity where two individuals share emotion and affection by rendering their best to the bond. Love always has been the most significant feeling in terrestrial bonding and we all cherish that. But sometimes it becomes late for people to find the potential one to be in that zone of love. We keep searching for valid reasons and we end up with nothing but disappointment. Here brings you the temperament of zodiacs and proves this is the reason these Zodiacs remain single for a long time. Hope you find the post valuable.



Aries people are single because of their mood swings and anger. As we have discussed often, Aries is a zodiac of uncertainty. We can not expect a static temperament from them, since they fluctuate between different emotions. Their mood swing plays a very important part in their single relationship status.



Taurus is quite notorious for its adamant quality and stubbornness. They don’t want to lose a tussle even though they are in the part of the mistake. This is the reason they can’t get a fresh start often. They remain single for a long time.



The artistic Gemini is a workaholic zodiac with incredible dedication towards the career. They indulge themselves too much in the work that they often undermine personal relationships, including their marital status.



Cancer people keep themselves way too busy in the works they have dreamt of. They never prioritize their relationship status over their profession. They consider relationships just as a consequence of life.



Leo, known as a perfectionist wants everything around them to fall into the category of perfection. Their sheer perseverance towards goal and approach towards life is unique. They wish their life partner should be that perfect also and this is the reason they stay single for a long time.



Virgo people expect the counterpart to approach them. They are reluctant to confess their inclination towards someone. They feel the fear of rejection, vehemently. Their certain inferior attitude keeps them single for a long.



Libra people are always in search of something artistic and creative. They love people in the field of art and culture. They seek a partner who belongs to art and culture. This is the reason they remain single for a long.



Scorpio people remain single for a long. Because they also want someone perfect and compatible. They look for someone who would understand their inner being very well. This is the reason they get late to be in a relationship.



Sagittarius people remain single because they speak boastfully. The vainglory and self-esteem they try to maintain are often subjected to Egoism. This is the reason they remain single.



Capricorn people are too serious about things. They can not let things go, easily. They keep contemplating the past crisis and as a result, they miss the pleasure in the present. This is the reason they have to deal with singularity.



Aquarius people are extremely sensitive. They can not tolerate any harshness or hardship on them. They get hurt easily by people. This is the reason people become reluctant to date a Capricorn.



Pisces people are daydreamers. They don’t like to put effort and want things to be done, magically. Which is unexpected and absurd too. This is the reason they remain single.

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