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Why early marriage is a good decision!

Gone are the days when people used to get married in their early 20s. But, today the young generation is more inclined towards their career and have now made marriage a matter of the latter priority. For the millennial’s the idea of marriage generally lands up after the content of first being settled, well earning, and having a constant and healthy way of living and living standards. Though the society pressure still prevails, which keeps you reminding of your age. I have a considerate amount of reasons why early marriage is not a bad decision at all:

1.When you are young, you can be the couple that you have always imagined; going on trips, treks, discovering new places; it would be just like the time when you started dating with the same amount of excitement.

  1. Your career is at a peak in your 20’s and there are some important decisions that you have to take. Wouldn’t it be comforting sharing all those moments with someone special that now is a part of your family and you feel comfortable knowing that you’ll always have their back?
  2. You won’t be under the pressure of having kids right away, with being aware of the conceiving issues women face in their pregnancies in their mid-30’s. You’ll have plenty amount of time together, getting to know each other, hang out without the pressure of having kids right away.
  3. There is no time in anyone’s life when they are READY for marriage. It will always be a life-changing decision. You have to take it now or later if you plan to marry. The feeling of being ‘ready’ is a myth.
  4. If you already have “someone special” in your life, who you think you want to spend your life with, why delay it to your 30s. You no more have to tell lies, make fake reasons to meet your partner when you can actually live together with the family’s consent.
  5. You can be those sexy, elegant young moms and dads that visit their children’s parent-teacher meetings with poise and become the talk of the day. Imagine how would it feel someone saying to you, “Are you the mum, doesn’t look like you have a kid!”.
  6. Everyone wishes to be the supermom or the super dad for your kids. The energy, the health you need to match up to your child’s needs would be an easy catch. You don’t have to be tired or helpless when your kid needs you. You’ll be your kid’s superhero.
  7. You have a decent amount of time to adapt/ get to know/get familiar with each other’s family. It gets easy to deal with/avoid any family issue when you are aware of the behavior/liking/disliking of all the family members.
  8. It would be such a great thing to see your kids spending quality time with your parents i.e. their grandparents imbibing and instilling the morals and special fantasy stories soaked in with love for their grandchildren which has no comparison ever. It’ll be a special moment for you even to revive your childhood and the satisfaction of the values that are going to make your children good humans and a reflection of you.
  9. It is often said that marriage is a gamble. There is no assurance of it being always a success. Sometimes marriages go terribly wrong leaving you with no option rather than taking some impulsive decisions. Early marriage gives you a buffer to work on the relationship and put an effort to make it work and even in worst cases step out with dignity and having time to explore and start afresh.

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