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16th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

Daily forecast of astrology in a newspaper is based on basically general predictions which depends on the usual movement of planets related to the sun signs. So, it based on all the people belong to a particular sun sign and it gives an idea of how your day will go, how your traveling will be, how you perform at the office and all basic predictions. It might be related to you to some extent to a larger extent.

Difference between Forecasts 
  • Astrology forecasts published in newspapers can be different for different people. What you find in newspapers, dailies and periodicals are based on just zodiac signs. They can at times be considered to be predicted from the point of view of one’s moon sign as well.
  • The predictions can be considered to be varying from general to vague as prediction/forecast depends completely on your birth details (Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth).
  • Not all astrologers believe that the sign you are born in is of paramount importance. There are so many other things to look at in a horoscope, and this is just one single factor.
  • Everything in astrology has peculiar energy and it’s very unlikely that someone else chart is the same as yours. The sky moves with us all the time.

Crux of Matter

Don’t reject everything only because you have no scientific data. Science itself is made by men, data is interpreted by men, so don’t think that just because it is ‘science’ (nowadays we call science anything) it is the universal truth. 

We are far from reaching universal truths. We all are individuals and can’t possibly be always objective. Calm down with proof, human intelligence and so on. That is your proof; that is your intelligence. Be open and don’t have premade rigid truths. Truth is always changing, never one in a moment and forever.

Enough psychologizing about everything. We are so obsessed with all these making psychological explanations about every tiny move we make – stop it. It’s not healthy, it’s not smart, it is not a good answer – it’s too easy.

Never close your mind to any possibility. People who claim that something cannot exist or be true simply because they can’t explain it are close-minded and not nearly as intelligent as they try to come off as.

Don’t listen to people who mind are closed. You’ll never learn anything relevant from these people. It takes an intelligent, open mind to discover new things.


If Science can’t come up with an explanation, then it simply cannot be true! That always makes me question the intelligence of the scientific community. Science cannot think outside the box. It doesn’t have the ability. 

To specifically answer the question: that is because, maybe, some things in astrology hide some truth, while others don’t or it’s us who don’t know how to interpret it. There can’t be a single answer because of the nature of this field: you can’t touch it, it’s too far. So we make our explanations and go with them. It’s up to you to find yours.

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