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3rd April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

It does not apply to Astrology alone, it applies to the whole gamut of human existence.

A prime reason is the human instinct of fear. It exists all the time and in every sphere of life. We would prefer to remain hungry if we fear poison in the food, we prefer to protect capital more than the returns. Generally, as in most of the cases, or we can say that its quite prevalent in this time and age, that people visit any service provider only when they need it. Be it a barber, electrician, doctor or even an astrologer.

Default situations in life are either neutral or negative. Most of the things we need in life are not available easily. They require effort and some degree of risk. Therefore, it is natural to focus on negative issues or risks in life. When a person goes to a doctor, he fears that something adverse may not be there in the test report. The same is true about a visit to a legal or tax consultant or an astrologer.

Then if we see from the consultant’s point of view, any problem or negative finding is an opportunity to earn money for the lawyer, doctor, tax consultant and astrologer. I have seen the attitude of hospitals when I went there for regular health check-up tests. No one takes it seriously including the doctor and they give the least time in looking at the report.

It is not their fault. A negative situation gives an interesting scenario, forcing the consultant to understand the situation and find a solution so that he gets satisfaction as well as a fee for his work. Even the media looks for negative stories more than positive news. As they say, tragedy has a long story while comedy has none or a one-line story of “they lived happily ever after ”.

It does not mean that life has only negative issues. Astrology has a positive aspect also and one is free to focus on them and get benefited. The best consultants in any field tend to be optimistic realists. Not afraid to spell out the difficulties, but also ensure the positives, and the whole story, are conveyed with empathy.

Astrology doesn’t change your life, neither it promises so. It’s you who can change anything about your life and nobody else can. Astrology though can guide you, can become your eyes to peek into the future situations, to help you prepare for the same, to come out victorious or to become content with what you got. Astrology is not more than a tool, and like any other tool, you must know how to use it properly.

So a wise astrologer will frame challenges and opportunities in a way that empowers the client. By giving the client scope to use their free will, make their own choices – but based on forecasts and elaboration of the person’s horoscope themes.

It depends on our beliefs and our astrologer. We cannot rely completely on astrology as one has to do some hard work. For instance, if an astrologer says that according to your astrology you will secure good marks, that does not mean that astrology will do some magic and without any hard work, you can achieve good marks. Indeed, you need to do hard work then only your astrology will work.

Astrology is a science to delineate your karma of past, present birth. Mind that, it does not dictate your karma in this present life. Still, you got your free will to do your karma. By doing so, present modifies past karma, or you carry over past-birth karma, do more good or bad karma in this birth and go into future births.

The total of karmas is what your life is made up of. Through Vedic Astrology, By knowing past karma, and doing the required karma you nullify past bad karma and do good karma in this birth, you go to a higher conscience in a future birth. Or simply the cycle of karma repeats over and over again.
So Vedic Astrology helps in changing one’s life.

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