AstrologyWhich Money Heist Character Are You?(Sagittarius-Pisces)

8th July 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The world has gone through a drastic transformation after the inception and dissemination of the cinema industry. The cinema industry not only has empowered the financial aspect but has compelled the entire society to undergo an epiphany moment of self-realization. The movie industry has been able to change the perspective of a lot of people with meaningful narrations. But it’s not only the cinema industry that has been a lighthouse to the perception of people, television and OTT platforms have been equal shareholders of the success.

The television and OTT platforms with their great sense of storytelling have impacted the lives of people. Narrations like Money Heist have a great sense of inspiration and characters in the series depict true human values!

Here brings you the characters of Money Heist who represent traits of the zodiac.


Sagittarius- Rio

The character of Rio in Money Heist is a fickle and childish representation of joviality. The character Rio is somehow influenced by Sagittarius. The Sagittarius is also childish! Rio is creative and comes up with great ideas. Sagittarius, also a force to reckon in the competition.


Capricorn- Palermo

Capricorn is witty but a bit sluggish in approach. Palmer is like Capricorn. It has a different approach to life. If you see Capricorn, it has a very unique lifestyle. They are intuitive and again slow to analyze things. Capricorn is vengeful too. If you observe it minutely, it has some different traits.


Aquarius- Bogota

Full of murky mysteries, Bogota is a character full of dubiety. It has the propensities of Aquarius. Aquarius is unique but full of mysteries. Things are just impossible for Aquarius but behind the screen, Aquarius is accomplished with its skill. It has great knowledge about things around.


Pisces- Moscow

Moscow is full of ambiguity and miscellaneous things. It has no static and stable value. It resembles Aquarius. If you see Pisces, things are just uncertain for them. They might fall into the trap and again would get rid of it. Just beyond the negativity, Moscow is a positive aura that loves to assist others in difficulties.

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