AstrologyWhich Money Heist Character Are You? (Aries-Cancer)

26th June 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The world of cinema has always a deep impact on our society. If you see the environment and happening of an apocryphal cinema, they somehow replicate the similar attributes that predominantly do exist in our society and life. From the inception of cinema, it has inspired the world with different messages! Every idea that has brought some change and modification is a corollary of a movie.

In the 21st century, we all have witnessed incredible movies and some of the characters in them are just milestones. But it is not only the movie industry that has flourished with such success but also television and OTT platforms have gained immense popularity with their great performances.

Money Heist is one of the great OTT platforms rendition that won everyone’s heart. The series gives a great message on greed and liberation. Here Predictions For Success brings you the characters of the series and their association with attributes of all the zodiacs. Hope you find the article meaningful.


Aries- The professor

If you see the Aries, it is not only intense but witty also. The character of Professor in Money heist replicates the attributes of Aries the most. He is full of enthusiasm and perseverance. He has a great idea about the past, present, and future. If you see him, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge.


Taurus- Lisbon

The character of Lisbon is an embodiment of toughness and tactics. She is intense with her approach and tends to survive in any kind of situation. Her mental strength is just like Taurus. She gets never flummoxed to the situation she has been in her life. Her life is full of the expedition and interesting chapters.


Gemini- Denver

Denver is intelligent and astute with his virtue. He is a fighter and never gives up easily in his life. His life is full of ups and downs but that does not make him weak or sluggish in the ongoing turmoil. He survives with his skill.


Cancer- Berlin

Berlin is a treacherous fellow with an intense vengeance and resentment inside. He does not care about emotions like Cancer. Once he is on, he is on a rule to demolish everyone. His nonchalance is his power and he can persuade people so easily.



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