AstrologyWhich Mahabharat Character you are accroding your zodiac sign?

19th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the realm of Indian history and mythology, the stature and significance Mahabharata holds are irreplaceable by any other venerable gospels or sagas. The harsh reality of human life on this earth and how human is entangled in terrestrial bonding, coercively, Mahabharata illustrates all the intricacies, conspicuously. Mahabharata is an inspiration, a force to reckon, and a truth to relish. Every emotion with the plenary portrayal, Mahabharata is concluded as magnanimous. Here we have protagonists with an optimistic approach, also counterparts with ill-gotten intention. From sacrifices to vengeance, every emotion is there to live and relive. Here predictionforsuccess brings you the characters of Mahabharata and their compatibility and resemblance with your zodiac. Hope you find the post useful.



Aries people are rough and tough! They can not afford any kind of loss. They wish to be known as invincible. For this vainglorious attitude, they resemble Duryodhana.



The audacious Taurus is never afraid of difficulties. No matter what consequences the situation gives rise to, they don’t want to step back. This adamant quality makes them dominant Bhima.



The emotional Gemini is often cited for the big heart of sacrifice. They are the one who decides in tough time to relinquish. This is what makes them Kunti.



Artistic Cancer is always fond of art and creativity. Their incredible power of patience also makes them unique. This is why they are concluded as Arjuna.



The enthusiastic and powerful Leo tends to explore things and loves to get involved in adventures. Their nature is always jovial. For this, they are summed up as Ghatotkach.



Virgo people are genuine and trustworthy. Their relationships might go wrong but they live the bond till eternity. They resemble more of Draupadi.



Libra is known as the epitome of competition and duality. They love to be in the fray. This is why they are more likely to resemble Dushasana.



Scorpio people are intelligent and witty. They know the artistry of words. It is never easy to beat them in a mind game. They replicate Shakuni.



Sagittarius individuals are fond of games and entertainment. They wish to live their life with the utmost pleasure. This is why they match Dhritarashtra.



Capricorn people are intense, artistic, and ethical. They are love to fight in a fair game. This is why they are Abhimanyu.



Aquarius people are apt with their words. Once they promise, they don’t like to procrastinate. When it comes to Mahabharata, they resemble Yudhishthir.



Pisces people are emotional and taciturn. They know the right but can not open mouth since they are often entangled invaluable relationships. This is why they resemble Gandhari.

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