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11th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

Numerology can reveal the hidden elements of your destiny. It is presumed that Chaldean numerology is the foundation for the rest of the kinds of numerology, even though that cannot be confirmed. Chaldean numerology isn’t as simple to master as the Pythagorean and Kabbalah systems, which might lead to its unpopularity. It is one of the three main systems of numerology used today, along with Pythagorean numerology and Kabbalah numerology.

There are many sorts of numerology followed in various locations. Though it has been followed for hundreds of years, the only person who is responsible for the fast spread of numerology during the last century is William John Warner, better known as Cheiro. Pythagorean numerology is often called Western numerology in addition to Modern numerology. It is the most popular numerology systems, because of its ability to read the character, time of events, etc..


Pythagorean is a modern system (based on numbers 1–9) that allows you to draw a complete Numeroscope, depicting all the attributes of the person inside-out and delineate the results in an in-depth manner on every aspect besides deciphering a clear cut trend/pattern of his life.

Pythagoras numerology was invented by Pythagoras thousands of who was a well known Green mathematician, mystic and physicist who had a big fascination with numbers at a very young age.

Like in Astrology you can predict the results on a yearly, monthly & daily basis (using the Dasha system), the same can be achieved using the Pythagorean system in Numerology and can be linked to planets in Astrology for better understanding. Its a beautiful pragmatic tool for not only Numerologists but also for practicing Psychologists to identify the circumstances of the person one is passing thru & his/her makeup on physical/mental/emotional/spiritual level.


Chaldean is a generic, old & occult system (based on numbers 1–8) that gives meanings of various numbers (mainly 1 to 52 & mostly repetition thereafter) but it does not offer any holistic system by far to draw a complete Numeroscope (detailed Number Chart) of a person using Name & DoB together.

At best Chaldean system can be used to find lucky or unlucky numbers but it doesn’t offer the holistic, scientific & rational way that can be applied in day-to-day life.

Pandit Sethuraman did extensive research on the Chaldean system and Kabbalah system and found that Chaldean numerology is the only accurate system of numerology in this world. Pandit Sethuraman was the pioneer in this world to give interpretation up to 108 numbers in Chaldean numerology.


Cheiro numerology has a few accurate topics, however, Cheiro pays too much attention to insignificant things, such as the number of actual letters in a name, or adding random numbers to somehow equate to a number value that he’s trying to prove are superstitious at best.

Warner also had remote aristocratic ties, which led him to occasionally adopt the name Count Louis Hamon, as well as Cheiro! Events such as the Russian Revolution and alliance with China, World War II, England’s Trade Union strikes of 1926, changes in the Middle East, and various historical events in the UK royal family were all predicted and many came true in Cheiro’s lifetime.

Cheiro used Chaldean numerology, which is not used as extensively as Pythagorian numerology is used today. Most of the Numerologists use Chiero in India while in the western countries Pythagorean is widely used.


Kabbalah numerology is more accidental as every word inevitably has a corresponding number no matter what you decide to spell it as. Kabbalah Numerology system is designed from the Hebrew alphabet. This system is quite different when compared to the other two systems. Because the other 2 systems need a piece of basic information about the person but in the Kabbalah numerology system only a person’s name is needed.

Kabbalah is generally understood to be a mystical system, and any mystical system purports to teach a subject matter that is nonobvious and may not be expressible in words.

Among all branches of Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology is one of the largest and it became popular after a few Hollywood stars like Britney and Madonna began popularizing this branch. Kabbalah is pronounced like “Kabala”.


Each and every numerology system have their own identity and pattern every system is unique and different. Those will just give efficient results all based on honesty and belief. Different countries will follow different numerology systems based on their abilities. Recently in this modern day’s Pythagoras numerology has become more popular. This system might be least popular in previous days but a number of modern numerologists are telling that this is the most accurate numerology system.

Nowadays more and more numeric calculation is done online, there are a variety of online Numerologists that claim to be best online Numerologist. You have to first see which branch of Numerology they prescribe too. You can try our free Numerology calculator to see new knowledge about yourself.

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