AstrologyWhich Harry Potter character you are? -Aries to Virgo

29th May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the world of fantasy and fiction, Harry Potter does not need an exaggerated elaboration to be known among people. The famous book by J K Rowling garnered worldwide appreciation for this incredible narration. The book had its sequels too and also presented as a movie in front of the audience. The more interesting fact about Harry Potter is the adamant follower of the book are known as “Potterheads”.

Here brings you the Zodiacs who resemble Harry Potter characters! Hope you find the article interesting and amusing.


Aries -Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George, known as pranksters resemble Aries! They are extremely intelligent and audacious with a great sense of humor. Aries people are also a balanced amalgamation of humor, intellect, and stage presence. They don’t feel like stopping at any point, no matter what they go through in their life. If you talk to them, you won’t get bored easily.


Taurus- Minerva McGonagall

Professor Minerva resembles the Taurus! She is witty, practical, and always amazing with her great sense of conviction. If you see a Taurus, they are never entangled in any kind of confusion! They are very specific and clear about their approach to life. Taurus doesn’t get defeated easily. They are intense and astute!


Gemini- Harry Potter

Gemini depicts Harry Potter! The good character with a great sense of emotional intelligence proves Harry Potter as they resemble Gemini. If you come across a Gemini, they will tell you the most beautiful side of humanity. Even though they would look disappointed, they won’t let the shadow of grief cover them. They is always exuberant and excited!


Cancer- Severus Snape

Severus Snape is rough and tough but at the same time, he is an embodiment of emotion! If you observe the character of Snape, he is somebody very balanced with rules and regulations. He is always a great leader and a strict individual to deal with fear and strange attitude.


Leo- Albus Dumbledore

The character of Albus Dumbledore is an insignia of great leadership and benevolence. His audacity is quite similar to Leo! Leo is always a great fighter with immense spirit. They don’t accept failure easily.


Virgo- Hermione Granger

The character of Hermione is a classic example of Virgo! She is the best witch of her time but again her anxiousness is always a drawback to her character. In a hurry, she commits a lot of mistakes which cost a lot to her.

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