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29th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

The phases of the moon throughout the month can affect one’s zodiac sign differently than they do for someone else. Your moon represents your instincts and shows up in the way you respond to external stimuli, it’s visceral, so it seems more prominent in the makeup of your personality.

In contrast, the characteristics of your sun may not be as prominent because it is your journey to discover and develop as you age. Also, if your Sun has a strong aspect (or connection) with one or more planets in your natal chart, your sun sign can be further “diluted” and take on the energy of those other planets.

Aries Moon-Sign:

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Mars is the lord of Aries therefore when the moon is placed in Aries it shows sheer determination to reach the goals. People born when the Moon was in Aries are idealistic, energetic, and fiery. They’re quick to fall in love, quick-tempered, quick to forgive, they’re decisive, spontaneous, and impulsive.

When Aries Moon-Sign people are happy, they take everyone along for the ride. But when they are sad or overwhelmed they have trouble expressing the enormity of all they feel.

Taurus Moon-Sign:

The Moon is Exalted in Taurus, so this gives you emotional intelligence, intuition, a desire to connect with others, and high (sattvic) intentions.

Generally speaking, you are a bit calmer and slower emotionally. Not slow as in damaged, but not changing emotions quickly. As a result, many people feel, people with Taurus Moon-Sign are calmer and steadier, and comfortable to be around.

Gemini Moon-Sign:

The childlike eagerness or unending curiosity of this restless Moon in Gemini placement should be quite obvious. Your emotional nature often tends to see-saw and you sometimes are so uncertain about your feelings that you distrust your emotional responses.

With this lunar natal position, you must beware of falling into confusing emotional states or projecting emotional indifference in your relationships.

Cancer Moon-Sign:

Tenacity and bravery in the face of difficulties, protection of self and family, and a loving, kind, and caring heart are the foundations of a person born in the Sign of Cancer.

When your natal Moon resides in Cancer you have a sensitive nature given to deep emotional responses. With this lunar position, you need to guard against over possessiveness, timidity, or self-inhibition.

Leo Moon-Sign:

Leo is the Fixed Fire-Sign related to the use of wise use of Power. This brings a strong self-confidence, so you will tend to become self-reliant at an early age. Weaker people will come to you for help and guidance, and you will be drawn to have your own business because you will not like taking instructions from others.

You are not too good with numbers and practice routines unless your other planets compensate, so you might need some sort of partner to help with this area.

Virgo Moon-Sign:

Taking Virgo Moon-Sign, it tends to show someone whose nurturing was done more as a job or a duty rather than as a spontaneous outpouring of parental love. The relationship with the mother tends to be dutiful rather than one that is emotionally close or intimate. Their relationship tends to be about practicalities and the exchange of services.

Learning early that the key to acceptance is being useful, the person becomes a proficient and dependable worker, who takes his job seriously. When the going gets tough and he’s under stress, he doubles down and gets busy, working late hours and increasing his productivity.

Libra Moon-Sign:

Libra Moon is about emotional balance – and finding security in friendship, or knowing that there is balance in your life (whatever balance means to you). There is an indecisive element about Libra – finds it challenging to be decisive because they are weighing up the options, considering different viewpoints.

Libra is an Air sign, and so there is a communicative, thinking, side to this. Libra is an ambassador, or negotiator – seeks harmony and balance, emotionally (because this is the Moon, which is about emotions).

Scorpio Moon-Sign:

The Moon in Scorpio deals with overcoming great adversity. They are usually an intense person with great depth likewise insightful as most water signs can be but, once again the alignments and aspects do make the difference along with personal choices.

As a Scorpio Moon-Sign, they to peel people’s layers away and dig into their soul and into their past. They are always very curious to see what’s inside of those they interact with!

Saggitarius Moon-Sign:

Moon is in Sagittarius, you’re tilted so optimistically toward the far horizon, you might even walk on your toes. Saggitarius is the sign of leaps of faith, while the Moon represents your flash reactions. With a basic trust in life, Saggitarius Moons often take risks based on instinct, and it’s the reason so many visionary pioneers born under this sign.

You may be impatient with those who choose to play the victim but are always ready to cheer someone on who dares to test their limits.

Capricorn Moon-Sign:

Having moon in Capricorn can be challenging but it’s not that necessarily bad as it seems. They have suppressed feelings/emotions and always hide your true feelings/emotions around others, especially when you like/love someone. Moon in Capricorn people tends to suffer from one-sided love.

But of course, a positive interpretation could be that of one who shares no judgment in sympathy and can consider the feelings of others without having their own emotions tied into the mix.

Aquarius Moon-Sign:

Moon in Aquarius can make some excellent friends as they travel through life, and as they learn to blend the sensitive and emotional qualities of the Moon with the airy detachment of Aquarius. Perhaps the most important thing with this Moon position is to make friends with yourself.

Often the things that benefit the most people, don’t benefit them personally. Sometimes, the Aquarius Moon-Sign’s effort to be unbiased can feel uncaring, but the Aquarius can’t help it.

Pisces Moon-Sign:

The Moon in Pisces can indicate someone highly sensitive and acutely aware of others’ emotions as well. Pisces can be kind of a mixed bag at times due to environment and upbringing. They are idealistic, imaginative, and can be prone to escapism. They tend to lean towards mysticism and fantasy, this can make them very romantic. They may over idealize their romantic partner.

Group settings may be overwhelming at times and they prefer to be by themselves for the most part.

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