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Numerology about alphabets predicts your personality, your strengths, weakness, your lucky numbers, suitable careers, etc(also read How Successful is your Name?)


Here we are providing the series of detailed Alphabets Numerology suggested by the best Numerology expert of Dehradun, Shweta Bhardwaj. Who is one of the famous Numerology and Astrology expert, already served more than 25k clients all over the world with her knowledge and informative readings.


This is the third part of the series. Check out our Blog section for full detailed Numerological information of Letter A-E,  F-J, and K-O.

Today we talk about the letter P to T.



english alphabet P

When P is the first consonant in a first name, the bearer is likely to be –

  • Spiritual
  • Curious
  • Independent
  • Family person
  • Intuitive
  • Scientific
  • Metaphysical
  • Philosophical
  • Wise

Negatively, people with the initial P can be selfish and flaky at times.

The numeric value for Letter P is 8.



english alphabet q

Qualities associated with Q –

  • Originality
  • Genius
  • Efficiency
  • Realism
  • Introspection
  • Independence
  • Business energy
  • Secretive
  • Unconventional

Negatively, a person with Q as their initial can be too self-absorbed and narcissistic.

The numeric value for Letter Q is 1.



english alphabet R

The qualities associated with the letter R

  • Tolerance
  • Humane
  • Diplomatic
  • Realism
  • Compassion
  • Self-determination

Negatively, people with the initial R can tend to become short-tempered. Often losing their patience and causing havoc.

The numeric value for Letter R is 2.



english alphabet S

Qualities associated with S –

  • Bold
  • Ambition
  • Independence
  • Visionaries
  • Sexy
  • Sensual
  • Tolerance
  • Humanitarian

Negatively, S can act impulsively without concern for others. They are a little selfish.

The numeric value for Letter S is 3.



english alphabet T

Qualities associated with T-

  • Growth
  • Comprehensive point of view
  • Team worker
  • Superb negotiator
  • Tactful

Negatively, T can be overly emotional, indecisive, and is often easily influenced by the opinions of others.

The numeric value for Letter T is 4.



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