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4th December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Numerology about alphabets predicts your personality, your strengths, weakness, your lucky numbers, suitable careers, etc(also read How Successful is your Name?)

Here we are providing the series of detailed Alphabets Numerology suggested by the “best Numerology expert of GhaziabadShweta Bhardwaj.

This is the third installment of the series for the detailed analysis of letter A-E to F-J, click the respective hyperlinks.



letter K

Letter K showing up is a good sign and indicating that you are or going to have so many opportunities around you.

People with K as their first initial letter are –
* Strong 
*strong will power
* Influential
* Go to the extreme
* Outgoing
* Explorative
* Energetic
* Fresh point of view

Negatively, K’s can be dissatisfied with life and often take their discontent out on others.
They are a little disobedient and childish, and their approach to life relies on intuition and relationships.

The numeric value for Letter K is 2.


letter L
The twelfth letter of the modern English alphabet, L represents energy associated with –
° Inspiration
° Exploration
° Optimism
° Creativity
° Self-expression

A person with L in their name is charitable, well-adjusted, friendly, and warm-hearted.

Negatively, they can be prone to accidents.

The numeric value for Letter L is 3.


letter M
M, the thirteenth letter of the modern English alphabet is the numerical equivalent of the number 4.

Basic characteristics of people with M as their initial letters-

Positive –
✓ Self-confidence
✓ Focus
✓ Pragmatism
✓ Self-reliance
✓ Creative
✓ Aim at a secure future

Negative –
✓ Workaholics
✓ No social life

The numeric value for Letter M is 4.



letter N
Evergy and qualities associated with the fourteenth letter of the modern English alphabets –
• Adventure
• Curiosity
• Independence
• Focus
• Pragmatism
• Originality
• Communicative
• Lively
• Intuitive

Negatively, these people can be predisposed to jealousy.

The numeric value for Letter N is 5.



letter O
The equivalent of number 6 (universal mother) in Numerology, this alphabet is what makes the world bind together.

Qualities associated with the letter 

° Courage
° Patience
° Competence
° Selflessness
° Grace
° Nurturing
° Firm willpower
° Studious
° Dignity
° Truth

The drawback of being a person with O as their initial is that they are a bit of a drama queen and often overreact to things.

The numeric value for Letter O is 7.

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