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2nd December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Alphabets are used to make words, but every alphabet has its importance too. Each alphabet carries its significance in terms of life, it symbolizes life-related terms like home, life, dream, hopes, etc.

The meaning behind every alphabet is much more than you expect. The best Numerology and Astrology experts around the world suggest you choose the alphabet of your name wisely. They go through your birth chart, zodiac signs, Nakshatra, Planets, and others to determine which alphabet suits you.

Numerology about alphabets predicts your personality, your strengths, weakness, your lucky numbers, suitable careers, etc.(also read How Successful is your Name?)

Here we are providing the series of detailed Alphabets Numerology suggested by the best Numerology expert of India Shweta Bhardwaj.

In each article, we are providing five alphabets and their characteristics. We hope after reading these you would be well aware of the basic science and astrology about your names and alphabets.



Letter A

A is the first letter of the alphabet series. It marks new beginnings.

Qualities of a person with ‘A’ in the name and especially if it starts with ‘A’

• Ambitious
• Free-thinking
• Natural leader
• Courageous
• Flexible
• Understanding

Spiritually, the letter A is symbolic of transition, which is a new journey or phase.

The numeric value for Letter A is 1



Letter B

Letter B resonates with teamwork and diplomacy. People with B in their name are cooperative and intuitive.

Qualities of people with letter B in their name

• Intuitive
• Bold
• Brilliant
• Benevolent
• Cooperative
• Brave
• Charming
• Good orators

The spiritual message of letter B is the alignment of thoughts and actions for the utmost benefit and balance.

The numeric value for Letter B is 2.



letter C

Letter C denotes creative energy.

Qualities of people with letter C in their name

• Creative expression
• Inspiration
• Responsibility
• Humorous
• Spontaneity
• Receptiveness 

The spiritual message with the letter C is that abundance is waiting for you.
Be ready to receive blessings from the universe.

The numeric value for Letter C is 3.



letter D

Letter D denotes divinity.

Qualities of people with the letter D in their name

• Determination
• Deliverance
• Methodical
• Stern
• Steadfast
• Practical
• Pragmatism
• Security
• Focus

This vibration of  Letter D is connected to hard work and study. It is prosperous. This fortune often comes from the innovation of new ideas.

The numeric value for Letter D is 4.



letter E

Qualities of people with the letter E in their name

• Energetic
• Creative
• Adventure lovers
• Original
• Versatile
• Friendly
• Curious
• Fun loving

The spiritual idea associated with the letter E is freedom of thoughts and higher vibrations.🌈🌿

The numeric value for Letter E is 5.




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