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31st December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Commencement of a new year not only rewrites the existing calendar with new numbers but also expands certain responsibilities and commitments on the shoulder as resolutions. New Year resolution though a western customary practice; primarily traced in Babylonian Civilization almost 4000 years ago, yet influences people all over the world for a common purpose-  dedication towards the goal.

2021 is around the corner and we all have one question in mind that what should be the new year’s resolutions for 2021. Every year people make resolutions and fail to accomplish those, with so many distractions and a lack of discipline it seems hard to follow those resolutions for the new year.

The best career counselor and motivational speaker of India Vishal Bhardwaj is here guiding you step by step that how to make new year resolutions for 2021. How to accomplish those resolutions, How to manage the time and how to achieve your desired niche and goal.



  1. What we need to resolute

We as individuals have a list of goals written on the diary but unaccomplished due to complacency and improper timing. Before we commit ourselves to achieve something, we should know how desperately we want the goal to be achieved and what impact it would have as an outcome on our life. Resolutions like losing weight, getting a job, and promising time to family need to be prioritized in our sedentary workaholic life. The word resolution ultimately aims to incorporate some changes in our life but it should be positive ones to shape our path in the right direction.


  1. How to accomplish the resolution

All we need to know a resolution seeks sheer perseverance and zeal to succeed. Faith in yourself and patience in situations lead one to the most-awaited victory. We have to show courage, patience, and dedication to achieve something amazing and honestly, there is no shortcut to success.


  1. The importance of timing

Time is the most powerful thing to operate this entire cosmos, precisely. We should acknowledge the significance of time before we devote ourselves to something. Proper management of time is an indispensable factor on the way to success. We have to manage our schedule in such a well-organized way that it won’t overlap between other mandatory duties we are conferred with.


  1. The aftermath

Once your goal is achieved, don’t stop there. Don’t confine it yourself only. Share your story to inspire others. Together we need to form a better world and what can be the appropriate way than helping each other in the journey of success.


A good career counselor is important to advise you regarding your career. How to set your goal and how to achieve them. The best career counselor will help you throughout. Vishal Bhardwaj is a well-renowned career counselor of India, also a TEDx Speaker. With his skills and knowledge, he already helped 25k clients from 80 different countries. Predictions For Success is dedicated to helping people around the world, with their hard-working team, working day and night.

For any kind of remedies and help you can contact him by clicking the hyperlink or by visiting the Predictions For Success Website.

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