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The facts and logic of astrology cannot be denied. Astrological remedies work on the faith and acts of the person. Astrology equips us with the power to act and believe. Astrology empowers the person with the action for the future and its estimation.

Astrological remedies are the tools and tricks to improve the stars and planet position of a person. Astrological remedies help in removing doshas or the ill effects of their destiny.

People may face a lot of problems in different aspects of their life. Difficult circumstances may lead them to an anxious and depressed state of mind thus leading unhappy lives.

The astrological remedies come as a relief in the situation of distress. They work slowly and steadily throughout. They help us come out of the grief moments by adopting methods in daily life and moments.

Ancient astrology provides us with a panacea to the pain and misery in our life. One cannot change its destiny but can estimate it. To know more about the stars and planet position on your birth you can contact Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Noida.

The various remedies have majorly for the duration of a month or 40 days. Sometimes the experts suggest specified fasting and chanting of mantras have a great impact on the person. Sufferings and pain can occur in any person’s life. It could be anything like a failed marriage, not able to have children, financial losses, career crisis, etc. these may take place in anyone’s life mostly because of the terrible positioning of planet and stars in one’s natal chart.

It is advisable to seek help from Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Noida for preparing birth charts and to know about planetary positions.

Astrologers are the experts in their field of healing and dealing with the ill fates of people thus helping them do better in their lives. Doctors help patients the same astrologer help people cope with bad fate.

Remedies work as particular needs of the person. Sometimes the remedies even work for the betterment of our lives and its fulfillment. Astrological remedies may include chanting mantras, fasting, and doing deeds as guided by an expert.

Here are some of the general remedies that can be followed in order to optimize the benefits of living-

  • Do meditation in the morning

The benefits of meditation cannot be underestimated in general life. Meditation is quoted to have various benefits associated with it. It is always preferred to do meditation with specific mantras as this would increase the implication of meditation.

  • Morning ritual

Your morning ritual should include morning Prayer after morning bath. Keep your house neat and clean.

  • Mantras

Mantras are the particular quotes or shlokas that create the effect of vibration sounds. When chanted properly synchronizes with our body to give positive effects.

  • Fasting for general and for Doshas

Fasting has health benefits known to it. Some people have planetary defects in their charts to reduce their effect fasting is advised with specific guidelines. It is good to observe Ekadashi fasts, Navratri fasts, Janmashtami fasts, etc. but some are particular fasts for specified days and only to be kept when told by the expert and for the knowledge of those fasts ask the best astrologer in Noida for the best solutions.

  • Donating or feeding someone in need or animals

Offering food, money or clothes is the best deed one can do in order to release the effect of their bad karmas. Just like in Pitra Dosha, the native is told to offer food to the animals and the needy.

  • Visit holy places

Holy places like temples and pilgrimage places are the sacred places of God. Paying tribute in the divine places always helps in seeking the blessings.

It is specifically said and known to talk to an expert before following astrological remedies as impact your living. You can consult Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Noida for the best solution at


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