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1st January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

2020 as the year will be engraved in the dark history of mankind. The ongoing pandemic that has exasperated the human existence on this earth commenced only in 2020 and made everyone realize, how helpless the most astute animal; humans are on this gigantic planet. Amidst uncertainties and fluctuations, 2020 has not missed to preaching us worth noticing lessons and those lessons are everlasting in this era of “New Normal”


  1. The significance of Kith and Kin.


During this upheaval when most of us were forced to be under in-home arrest because of worldwide lockdown, we barely had any engaging avocations to be indulged in. Though we could not meet our beloved people in person, we stay connected to them via social media and mobile phones. We could learn the importance of those taken for granted relationships in our daily life. We could acknowledge the experience and knowledge of the elderly people whom we never bothered to listen to. Spending time together at home and learning new domains of activity was another familiarity in 2020.


  1. How to lead a mendicant life


The economic breakdown led to a substantial proportion of unemployment all over the world. People had lost their respective livelihoods in the apprehension of the pandemic. But except for embracing the situation, we had no other option left. In general, 2020 taught us how to lead a mendicant life in the scarcity of money.


  1. Environmental consciousness


2020 taught us another fact of human life that we have undermined, deliberately. Yes, Environmental consciousness. As a result of the prolonged lockdown, the ratio of man-made pollution reduced drastically. The world witnessed how the decline in pollution resuscitated green coverage and decelerate the swift invade of ultraviolet rays through the ozone layer.


  1. How to explore inherent qualities.


As most of the time in 2020 people had to lock themselves inside their houses, it was a golden opportunity for people to explore their pastimes wholeheartedly. We equally understood how to utilize free time at home.


  1. How to lead a life in New Normal


The foremost crucial thing we have learned in 2020 is how to be acquainted with a new normal life. A lot of things have changed around and we should accept the change blithely. Changes like masks on the face, alert cautiousness, social distancing have influenced personal equation and careers. This transition in different spheres of life will be carried forward.



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