Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope(8th March – 14th March)

7th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0
Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.



A promising week for you, Aries. Whatever inconvenience you had to embrace last week will be solved. Financial condition, health, love life will remain fantastic for the whole week.

Career– Some good opportunities would come in your way
Health– You will remain fit and fine.
Love– A week of mutual understanding and care for each other.



it is going to be a mixed week for you, Taurus. Even though your financial condition will remain undisturbed but your health would suffer. Students would get mediocre results and the love life of couples will remain decent, as usual.

Career– A week of neither good nor bad.
Health– Simple cold, cough, headache.
Love– Love life will remain as good as it was before.



A week full of work and pressure for you, Gemini. You would visit some places regarding your work. Health would suffer a bit but love life will see a new height of mutual understanding. Students would excel in their studies.

Career– Some decent opportunities would come in your way
Health– Some throat issue and stomach pain
Love– A very good week for you.



An extraordinary week with sufficient love around. Financial stability inside the house would remain undisturbed and love life will see a new height. Students would find some difficulty in examinations.

Career– Some good chances would knock on the door
Health– Health will remain excellent
Love– wonderful time with your spouse



things would see some odd-even scenario. Mostly, the financial problem would flash in the family. Well, personal bonding with other people will remain decent. Health problems end of the week.

Career– No such development or disturbance too
Health– Headache, cold, and fever would discomfort you.
Love– significant support from your partner.



A sentimental week for you. Stuff might go inaccurate. The financial difficulty would mystify you, health difficulty would emanate. Colleagues would go through a phase of misunderstanding. Students would go through difficult times

Career– Not a tremendous week at all.
Health– Depression, and stomach problem would arise.
Love– some misunderstanding would terrify the peace between you and your partner.



Not so reasonable developments in the financial facet but happiness and harmony will resume being unbreakable. Health will be satisfactory too. Love life will remain incredible and students would do well in extracurricular activities.

Career– some big opportunities you would miss.
Health– just the end of the week will be a bit stressful.
Love– A glorious week with your love of life.



An incredible week for you. Some favorable vacancies to ponder on. Things would stride the way you expect. A tour with your partner. Bachelor people will find their desired partner.

Career– stay focused to snatch some opportunities.
Health– You would remain fine, don’t be bothered.
Love– An amazing week with tremendous experience.


You would feel lonely without anyone to give the company. The week would be a tumultuous one. Uncertainty in your relationship, as well as at your job. But things will get better in midweek.

Career– the dissatisfaction would frighten you.
Health– You would suffer nervousness for a few days.
Love– chaos in life would destroy the enjoyment between partners.



A good week with good results for you. You might visit any auspicious place with your partner. Health will remain cheerful and career opportunities might have your hand on them. Students would do well.

Career – Some good opportunities in midweek
Health– a great time immense enthusiasm
Love– A great week with your partner.



Not incredible though, midweek has some good results regarding career. You might get some decent proposals. Love life would go through a lot of ups and downs. You would experience a health downfall. Students will excel.

Career– Not a resplendent month but a few good opportunities are there
Health– Fever and cold would disturb you
Love– not a promising week at all.



A mixed week with mixed emotion for you. Things would go through a tough time but ultimately, you would be victorious. Love life will be great, health too. Some financial crisis would erupt. Students would give exams.

Career– Not a promising week but you will survive.
Health– a decent week, keep exercising
Love– assistance from your spouse would make you smile

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