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7th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.




Aries zodiac

Aries, you would have incredible fun. A week full of enthusiasm. Positive results at your job. Personal equations will get better. Things will happen according to you.

Career– Things will remain as they were.
Health– from a down phase, your health will get better.
Love– Your relationship with your love will shine.




taurus zodiac

Taurus, for you, a week of tumultuous. The relationship with your spouse will go through a tough phase. Responsibilities at Job will hound you. Overall, you would have a tough week to deal with.

Career– Not so enticing, but it is ok!
Health– Good health, just headache for some reason.
Love– it is all about the confusion this week.




gemini zodiac sign

Your health will recuperate. Good time in a relationship. Compliments at the office will cheer you up. Decent earning and happy time with family.

Career– Not so a promising week but nothing bad would happen.
Health– minor cold would affect.
Love– It’s only love in the air, Gemini.





cancer zodiac sign

Cancer, good job at work. The relationship will grow stronger, you will have a good time with your partner. Good food, traveling will cherish your mood.

Career– Not so bad, decent earning.
Health– You will rock this week, nothing to worry about.
Love– Valentine’s week will be special for you.




leo zodiac sign

A week full of tasks but you won’t excel. Yes, exhaustion and undue expenditure would trouble you. But as usual, the family will be a great aid.

Career– jam-packed week but not so optimistic results.
Health– some issues like headaches.
Love– the love of your lover will shine through the sheer darkness.





virgo zodiac sign

You won’t accomplish your best, Virgo. But it is ok! Singles would find their soulmate. Students would do better in their studies. Positivity will remain unharmed. Wish you good luck, Virgo.

Career– Not so good, but don’t give up!
Health– You will remain fit and fine.
Love– things will get better between you and your partner.




libra zodiac sign

Earning would prosper, Libra. You would feel amazing this week. The bad phase is gone, you will be on cloud nine. With your partner, it’s a wonderful week.

Career– A week of labor and appreciation.
Health– You are absolutely fine this week.
Love– Some good time together.




scorpion zodiac sign

A decent week with promising news about your health. Acknowledgment and Promotion at the job. Love life will see a new height of romance. Students will accomplish better results in their studies.

Career– promotion in designation at the office.
Health– Good health with enthusiasm.
Love– You and your spouse, both on an outing.




sagitarius zodiac sign

A new coalition in industry. Good time with love and good earning too at the career. But midweek will be a bit annoying. Have tolerance, Sagittarius.

Career– Good receiving and truly a good chance at work.
Health– Only stress at the job, else your health will remain right and perfect.
Love– Romance in the air, feel it from the heart.




capricon zodiac sign

You would excel at the office. Your earning won’t get affected. New friends would come to life. Health will remain as good as it is always. You will shine, Aquarius.

Career– A good time in my career, you would perform better with perseverance.
Health– Good health, just the headache issue.
Love– awesome time with your partner.




aquarius zodiac sign

You would feel the hollowness around you. A week full of ups and downs. Uncertainty in your relationship. Very tough time at your job. But things will change in midweek. Don’t worry, Capricorn.

Career– the failure would bewilder you.
Health– You would feel uncomfortable for a few days.
Love– getting the wrong intention would kill the joy between partners.





pisces zodiac sign

Your focus on your goal will be disturbed. But yes, the confusion in your love equation will be sorted. Health would have some issues later in the week.

Career– Some issues would arise.
Health– Yes, there would erupt some health issues.
Love– Everything will be fine in your disturbed love life.

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