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2nd May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most famous astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.


Aries, a jam-packed week for you. You would depart from one place to another. Some decent news at your job but private connections would be affected. Receiving and expense will be equalized.

Career– New height with new growth
Health– exhaustion, suspicion, and stress would problem.
Love– Confusion and misconstruing with your partner.



Taurus, for you, a week of satisfaction. The connection with the partner will increase. Some family time on an excursion to the places nearby. New obligations at Job and your expense will increase.

Career– A new starting with new responsibilities.
Health– Good health, just headache for some reason.
Love– The gladdest week with lover.



Some health problem, Gemini. Also chances of debate in a relationship. Well, praises at the office will clap you up. Some good earning and a good time with your loved family.

Career– You would grow with accomplishments in your career.
Health– Stomach issues and difficulty would trouble you.
Love– It’s love only that would heal you.



Cancer, you begin the week with warmth at work. But in mid-week, some relationship difficulties would happen. You would fall into an ambush. So, take care.

Career– Good at the office, but people would get envious.
Health– You will remain fit and fine.
Love– couples together will be a strength for each other.



A week full of work and you would excel. But exhaustion and unreasonable expenditure would distress you. The family will be an enormous assistance. Later in the week things will get good.

Career– Workaholic week but you will shine brilliantly in your career.
Health– Back pain and tension would distress.
Love– Family and lover will be the main backing



You will perform well, Virgo. Singles can seek out their soulmate. Students would better at academics. Good earning, Good fitness, and Good vibes. Wish you good luck, Virgo.

Career– You will render your hundred percent in your career.
Health– Just small cold and cough.
Love– You will find yourself in a new zone of fantasy.



Your wealth may become zero, libra. You would feel despicable. The relationship would face some bad phases but the support of family will be consistent.

Career– Some difficulties heeding finance.
Health– Stress, and uncertainty for different reasons.
Love– This is what will recoup you from any hardship.



A new coalition in business. Good time with sweetheart and good earning too at the career. But midweek will be a bit aggravating. Have patience, Scorpio.

Career– Good earning and truly a good chance at work.
Health– Only pressure at the job, else your health will continue to be competitive.
Love– Romance in the air, feel it from the heart.



A decent week with decent news about your fitness. Appreciation and Promotion at the job. Love life will see a new height of fantasy. Students will accomplish great in their examinations.

Career– Improvements in selection at the office.
Health– Good health with new hearts and strength.
Love– You and your spouse, both on a trip.



You would feel the loneliness around you. A week full of frustration. Tension in a relationship, as well as at a job. But things will change in midweek. Don’t worry, Capricorn.

Career– the destruction would perplex you.
Health– You would feel uncomfortable for a few days.
Love– misinterpreting would kill the happiness between partners.



Some stupid mistakes at job But your earning won’t get influenced. New friends would appear. Health will continue to be good as it is always. You will glow, Aquarius.

Career– A reasonable time in your career, you would better with hard work.
Health– Good health, just the headache problem.
Love– Some promising times with spouse at a coast or mountain.



You will be concentrated on your purpose. Your social significance will be expanded. But yes, some turmoil in personal equations. Past interests can pay you now and promising times with kids at home.

Career– one step closer to your desired job.
Health– You will do well as far as health is related.
Love– A Few unrests would flare to trouble your love life.

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