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21st February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0
Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.

A wonderful week with immense love around. Financial Stability inside the house would remain undisturbed. Personal equations will be better, and love life will see a new height.

Career– Some good opportunities would knock on the door
Health– Health will remain fine
Love– Good time with your partner



Things would see some ups and downs. Mostly, the financial crisis would erupt in the house. Well, personal equations with other people will remain good. Health problems end of the week.

Career– No such development and no disturbance too
Health– Headache, cold, and fever would trouble
Love– immense support from your partner



an emotional week for you, Gemini. Things might go wrong. Financial Crisis would perplex you, health issues would arise. Partners would go through a phase of misunderstanding.

Career– Not a great week at all.
Health– Anxiety, depression, and stomach issue would arise.
Love–  Some misunderstanding would disturb the peace.



Not so good results in the financial aspect but happiness and peace will remain unharmed. Health will be fine too, just uneasiness at the end of the week.

Career– some good opportunities you would miss.
Health– All is well, just the end of the week will be a bit stressful
Love– Everything will be fine as far as love is concerned.



A great week for you Leo! Some good opportunities around. Things would go the way you wish. New trip with your spouse. Single people will find their awaited love.

Career– Stay focused to grab some opportunities
Health– You would remain fine, absolutely
Love– Romance in the air.



You would feel the absence of people around you. The week would turn full of frustration. Uncertainty in a relationship, as well as at your job. But stuff will improve in midweek.

Career– the failure would confuse you.
Health– You would feel nervous for a few days.
Love– Confusion would destroy the pleasure between partners.



You will accomplish your best, Libra. Singles can look for their soulmates, students would do better at their studies. Good earning, Good health, and Good vibes.

Career– You will provide your hundred percent in your career.

Health– Just minor cold and cough.
Love– You will find yourself in a new zone of romance.



You will be concentrated on your purpose. Some confusion in personal equations. Decent earning and good times with kids at home.

Career– Things will go in your direction only.
Health– You will do nicely as far as health is concerned.
Love– Turmoil would explode to distress your love life.



A good week with good news about your health. Acknowledgment of the job. Love life will catch a glimpse of the new pinnacle of romance. Students will conduct well in their studies.

Career– promotion in selection at the office.
Health– Good health with a good attitude.
Love– You and your spouse would plan for an outing.



a jam-packed week for you. You would depart from one place to another. Some decent news at your job but private affairs would be influenced. Your earning and expenditure will be stabilized.

Career– New height with a new growth
Health– exhaustion, tension, and difficulty would problem.
Love– Confusion and misunderstanding with your partner.



You might lose some money. Also, your private equations would go through toughness. Health would be broken but students would excel

Career– Not a good week, not a bad too.
Health– some stomach issues and headaches.
Love– An altercation with your partner.



You would look for some help from your friends. Things otherwise are good. You would travel distance places with your love. Health will remain perfect.

Career– Some good opportunities you would waste.
Health– Health will be perfect
Love– the plan of putting would give you the best result.


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