Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope(15th March – 21st March)

14th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.



A good week for you in comparison to last week. Financial condition will enhance and love life will shine. Health would remain good. Students will perform a bit mediocre.

Career– some positive results with a handful of opportunities
Health– You will remain fit and fine.
Love– a week full of romance



For you, a good week. Just end of the weak minor health issues would arise. Love in the family will remain amazing and monetary stability will be undisturbed.

Career– Some alluring opportunities on the way.
Health– Headache or cold at the end of the week.
Love– A good week accompanying an outing with your partner.



Things might go wrong this week. You would be misunderstood by people, anxiety, and stress would appear. Well, there would be no financial crisis. Students would excel in different competitions.

Career– Not a conducive week for you, Gemini! Stay calm.
Health– Some issues regarding mental peace.
Love– An altercation with your partner would ruin the happiness.



A mixed week it is going to be for you, Cancer. Health and finance will remain undisturbed in your precinct while some confusion between you and your partner would arise from nowhere. Students will perform mediocrely.

Career– A few good opportunities on the way, stay alert.
Health– You will remain fit and fine, physically.
Love– Some disturbance but things will get better.



A disturbing week for you, Leo! Things would go wrong unexpectedly. Love life will see a downfall, the financial condition will fluctuate, and as a result, health will suffer. Students will perform much better.

Career– The worst week of the month
Health– Anxiety and some stomach issues would persist.
Love– Unexpected quarrel between couples.



Even though some financial problems would erupt, other aspects would bring you positive results. Love life and health will remain apt and students will perform excellently. Just have a check on your expenses

Career– Minimal opportunities for this week.
Health– You are absolutely fine for this week.
Love– A week to relish with your partner.



An excellent week for you Libra. You would get huge monetary assistance this week. Health and love life will be cherished. Some trips you might plan with your family and students will perform well.

Career– Good opportunities on the way.
Health– A week filled with enthusiasm.
Love– romance in the air.



A mixed week for you, Scorpio. Health condition would get deteriorated. But financial stability will be strengthened by the business’s profits. Love life will be great, students will try to render their best.

Career– A mixed week with a few good opportunities.
Health– some ENT issues would appear.
Love– A blissful week for your partners.



Sagittarius people, not a very good week for you. Health and love life issues would trouble you. Well, at the end of the week things will get better. Financial stability will remain decent.

Career– Not an amazing week for you.
Health– Some stomach issues and cold.
Love– Misunderstanding would happen.



A very good week for you but control your expenditures. Love life would shine and health would remain amazing. By the end of the week minor financial issues but overall a good week.

Career– A good week with decent opportunities.
Health– You would remain fit and fine.
Love– Love life will be ecstatic.



Not a good weak for financial condition but health and love will shine. Students will perform their very best. Just you need to be cautious a bit.

Career– least opportunities and most of them not good for you.
Health– you would do great as far as health is concerned.
Love– a pleasant week for you.



A very good week for you Pisces. Things will fall in the right place. Finance, health, and love will shine. Students will perform their best. Some trips are on the way.

Career– Decent opportunities for this week, try your hand.
Health– A very exuberant week for you.
Love– A good week accompanied by trips with partners.


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