Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope(10th May-16th May)

9th May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended and famous astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.


A horrible week for you. Some problems would happen in the relationship. Finance and fitness will be discomforted for this week.

Career– no such adequate chances.
Love– going to be a disappointing week.
Health– Tension will be all around.



A reasonable week for you. Things would go the way you expect. The economic strength and love life will gleam. Health will be pleased.

Career– Going to be an incredible week for you.
Love– a huge week with a partner.
Health– a great week for you, Taurus.



An unusual week for you, Capricorn. The currency will be there to assist but health and relationship would mourn a bit.

Career– limited opportunities but stay alert.
Love– A week full of complications.
Health– A tough week for you.



A healthy week for you. Stuff will be considerable for you comprising fitness and finance. Love life will be tremendous. Students will accomplish great.

Career– a good amount of chances there.
Love– a week full of romance.
Health– a nice week for you.



An alarming week for you. Stuff would go unfair. Fitness would grieve the most. The monetary problem would be there and love relevant problems too.

Career– restricted vacancies for this week.
Love– misunderstanding would be there.
Health– fever, cold, and cough would hunt you.



An incredible week for you. Things would go the way you expect. Economic strength will be there, as well love life will be incredible. Health will be great too.

Career– an amazing week for you.
Love– a big week of love and understanding.
Health– a wonderful week full of confidence.



Not an extraordinary week for you as far as fitness and love are concerned. You would get hurt physically. But financial strength would be there to survive problems. Students will perform nicely.

Career– not so a helping week for you.
Love– some conflicts will be there.
Health– some problems regarding fever and cold.



Going to be a delicious week for you. Fitness, money, and love life, all will be tremendous for this week. Yes, at the end of the week some fitness issues would be there. But you enjoy the time.

Career– lovely opportunities for this week.
Love– a week filled in affection.
Health– a big week for you.



An incredible week for you. Things would go the way you want. Love life and fitness will remain remarkable. There would be abrupt money inpour as well.

Career– reasonable vacancies for this week.
Love– a wonderful week for you.
Health– an amazing week for you.



Going to be a disappointing week for you. Fitness and family life will suffer the most. Well, monetary resilience will be there for sure. Students will accomplish milestones!

Career– restricted chances for this week.
Love– Some turmoils would happen between couples.
Health– headache and stomach issues are there.



A difficult week for you. Things would tumble apart! Health would grieve and financial problems would flare. Yes, fitness will continue to be good for this week. Students would perform mediocrely.

Career– not an attractive week for you.
Love– Some disruptions are there.
Health – Overall, a good week for you.



This week would go the way you want. Monetary Stability and love life will be remarkable for this week. Also, your health will be good. Students will execute incredibly well.

Career– pretty decent chances for this week
Love– a good time with your partner
Health– An awesome week for you.

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