Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope: 5th April-11th April

5th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended and famous astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.


It not a good week for you. Things won’t go the way you want. Health and financial issues will be there. Love life will be disturbed. Students will perform mediocrely.

Career– Not a good week with a dearth of vacancies.
Love– Disputes are all around.
Health– You might experience anxiety.



A wonderful week for you! Be the way you are. Health, love and finance, all will flourish this week for you. Students will perform beautifully.

Career– Decent opportunities are there.
Love– you are on a trip with your partner.
Health– A good week full of enthusiasm.



Going to be a mixed week for you! Whilst your health will be fine, some financial issue would distract you. Love life will fluctuate too. Students will do perform well.

Career– A week with limited opportunities.
Love– Some disturbances are there.
Health– a good week for you.



Not a good week for you, Cancer! Emotional outbursts would happen. Health would suffer. The financial crisis would be there. But your love will be your constant support.

Career– Not a decent week at all.
Love– A wonderful week for you.
Health– Health would suffer a bit.



A mixed week for you! Some financial issue would be there but health will be fine! Love life will be persistent as it was before. Students will perform well!

Career– A week with very limited opportunities.
Love– Some difficulties are there.
Health– You would do well this week.



A wonderful week for you, Virgo! Starting from love to health to financial stability, you would flourish in every aspect! Students will perform excellently.

Career– A wonderful week with ample opportunities.
Love– a great week for you.
Health– things will go as per your wish.


A disappointing week for you. Love life will be disturbed. Health would suffer. But yes, financial stability would come to the rescue. A good week for students.

Career– Not a decent week for you all.
Love– you would experience severe altercation.
Health– Distress, stomach issue, and fever are there.



A good week for you overall. Financial stability and health will be fine. But love life would suffer a bit. You just need to be careful. Students would perform great.

Career– Not a bad week for you.
Love– Some disputes are there to disturb.
Health– A good week for you.



Not so good a week for you! Things would fall apart. Health and love life would suffer the most. Yes, financial stability would be there. Students will perform mediocrely.

Career– Not a good week at all.
Love– Some arguments over silly things.
Health– A disappointing week for you.



A good week for you, Capricorn. Things will go the way you wish. Health, love, and finance, all will be amazing for this week. Students will do perform great.

Career– A good week for you.
Love– you are on a trip.
Health– a decent week for you.



It not a decent week for you. Health would suffer the most. You might experience a financial issue also. At the same time, love life will be disturbed.

Career– fewer opportunities this week for you.
Love– Things would go wrong between you and your partner.
Health– Stomach issues and anxiety would be there.



A good week for you. Financial stability would be there to solve your issues. At the same time, love and health will be amazing. A good week for you.

Career– Decent opportunities this week.
Love– a wonderful week.
Health– A decent week for you.


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