Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope : 3rd August-9th August

2nd August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended and famous astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.



Your priority on your goal will be disturbed. But yes, the turmoil in your love equation will be resolved shortly. Fitness would have some disruptions later in the week.

Career– Some issues would occur.
Health– Yes, there would erupt some health problems.
Love– Everything will be fine in your disturbed love life.



You would feel the solitude around you. A week full of turmoil. Tension in your marriage. Very difficult time at your company. But things will change positions in midweek. Don’t bother, Taurus.

Career– the disappointment would stun you.
Health– You would feel nervous for a few days.
Love– confusion all around.



You would outperform at the office. Your earning won’t get influenced. New colleagues would come to life. Health will persist to be good as it is always. You will gleam, Gemini

Career– A good moment in your career.
Health– decent fitness, just the headache problem.
Love– tremendous time with your partner.



Good time with love and good earning too at the business. But midweek will be a bit annoying. Have understanding between you and your counterparts.

Career– Good earning and truly a good opportunity at work.
Health– Only anxiety at the job, else your health will stay good and terrific.
Love– Romance in the air, feel it from the heart.



An acceptable week with satisfactory news about your health. Promotion at the job. Love life will see a new elevation of fantasy. Students will achieve better outcomes in their examinations.

Career– growth at the office.
Health– Good health with confidence.
Love– You and your wife, both on an outing.



The business would flourish. You would feel extraordinary this week. The bad circumstances are gone, you will be on cloud nine. With your spouse, it’s an amazing week.

Career– A week of opportunities.
Health– You are completely nice this week.
Love– Some nice time together.



A tough week for you. Things might go wrong. You have to be cautious about things. Also, have a check on your expenditures.

Career– Not a conducive week for you.
Health– some uncertainties would there.
Love– a disappointing week for you.



A wonderful week for you. Be at ease. You will enjoy the company of your spouse. Make sure you stay at home.

Career– good opportunities this month.
Health– you are absolutely fine this week.
Love– a romantic week for you.



A good week for you. Just some uneasiness at the end of the week. You have to be careful with things. Be a person of ethics and morality.

Career– a wonderful week with decent opportunities.
Health– you would remain great this week.
Love– love in the air.



Keep going with your instinct. You have to behave strong in this tough week. Financial issues would arise this week. Stay calm and take decisions thoroughly.

Career– not an alluring week for you.
Health– not a bad week for you.
Love– that is what would rescue you.



A mixed week for you. You have to tackle things by being patient. You can not commit any mistake this week. Health would be affected. Don’t step outside often.

Career– Not a good week for you.
Health– some head and eye issues would arise.
Love– A good week at least.



Please take care of your health. You have to be cautious about things. Don’t overspend this month. Some family issues would arise as well.

Career– some of the opportunities are good, grab them.
Health– A difficult week for you
Love– some confusion would arise.

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