Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope: 29th March-4th April

28th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most famous astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.


A wonderful week for you! Things will follow the way you want. Money to love, everything will be amazing for this week. Yes, health would suffer at the end of the week.

Career– A good week with decent opportunities
Love– love life will be ecstatic
Health– cold and viral fever would happen at the end of the week



A mixed week for you. Health will be fine but love life would see ups and downs. Monterey’s stability will be there at home.

Career– Be alert to grab a few opportunities.
Love– You would be misunderstood
Health– you are ecstatic for this week



A very good weak as far as love and health are concerned. But monetary stability in the house would fluctuate. Students will render their best.

Career– A mixed week so limited opportunities
Love– Romance in the air
Health– A very good week for you



A good week with good results for you, Cancer! Everything will be perfect this week. Love life will shine, money inpour will happen and health will be great also.

Career– A good week with abundant vacancies
Love– You might go on a trip with your love
Health– A great week with a jovial mood



It probably the worst week with bad news! You might end up the week with a lot of fights. Love life will be disturbed and things won’t be great as you have expected.

Career– Limited opportunities for this week
Love– A lot of confusion
Health– A week full of anxiety and depression



A reasonable week for you. Much better than last week. The monetary situation will strengthen and love life will glow. Health would continue well. Students will perform a bit mediocre.

Career– some optimistic results with a handful of alternatives
Love– a week full of romance.
Health– You will remain fit and fine.



Things might go unfair this week. You would be misinterpreted by people around you, uncertainty and anxiety would occur. Well, there would be no monetary problem. Students would outshine in various competitions.

Career– Not a helping week for you, Libra!
Love– A confrontation with your companion would ruin the mood.
Health– Some issues respecting mental peace.



A mixed week for you! Health will be fine but disruption in love life. Also, financial stability will be affected. Better be cautious about things.

Career– Not a decent week for you at all.
Love– Confusion and frustration will be there
Health– Health will remain good for this week.



For you, a reasonable week. Just finish off the week, there would be minor health problems. Love in the family will persist to be incredible and financial strength will be undisturbed.

Career– Some attractive vacancies on the way.
Love– A promising week supporting an outing with your partner.
Health– Headache or cold at the end of the week.



Going to be an easy week for you. Things will be so perfect around you. Love life and monetary stability will be great and career options would be ample. Students will perform their best.

Career– A lot of great opportunities on the way
Love– A wonderful week with your partner
Health– A great week with joy and happiness



A very good week for you, Aquarius. Things will go smoothly. Love life will be ecstatic, health will remain great, and financial stability will be encouraged too.

Career– Some promising opportunities on the way
Love– A great week of romance
Health– a wonderful week of enjoyment



Not a good week for you! Things won’t go in the right direction. Health trouble would happen. Monterey’s problem would arise and love life would get affected.

Career– not a good week at all.
Love– a week full of altercation and disputes
Health– anxiety, and depression would attack



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