Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope: 22nd March- 28th March

21st March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope by one of the most recommended astrologers of India Shweta Bhardwaj.



A very good week for you, Aries! Things will go the way you wish. The financial crisis will be resolved. Health and love life will shine and students will perform extraordinarily.

Career– Good opportunities are on the way
Health– You would remain fit and fine
Love– Romance in the air



A good weak for you, Taurus. Just at the end of the week, some financial crisis would erupt. Apart from that, love life, and health will shine. A week to cherish!

Career– Be attentive to grab some reasonable opportunities
Health– You would end up the week on an enthusiastic note
Love– A good week with your beloved partner



Not a good week as far as financial stability is concerned! You might end up the week with any minor casualties. Not so good opportunities on the way. Love and health will remain fine!

Career– opportunities are there but you won’t grab any

Health– You will remain fine!
Love– A good week, just be the support of each other.



A week of mixed results. Where students will perform mediocrely and health condition would go wrong! But at the same time, you would get a profit from your business. Love life will shine also.

Career– lots of good opportunities, but prefer the right one.
Health– Headache, viral fever or cold would people you in this week.

Love– Romance is in the air. A good month for couples.



A good week for you! Happiness will be all around. Finance to health, everything will shine. You might go on a trip with your beloved partner.

Career– There are opportunities but select the right one for you
Health– A very good week, stay cool!
Love– An awesome week, enjoy!



It is going to be a mediocre week for you. Things won’t go the way you wish! The financial problem would arise and love life would see ups and downs. But your health will remain perfect.

Career– Not so good opportunities for this week
Health– No harm, you are perfect for this week
Love– Some misunderstanding would disturb you



A very bad week for you, Libra! Things will fall apart, from your relationship to professional life! Health will undergo troubles and love life will suffer also. Please, take care!

Career– No opportunities, but be positive!
Health– fever or stomach issues in the midweek
Love– Serious altercation with your partner



an excellent week for you, Scorpio! You and desires will see success. Monetary assistance would come on your way, love life will flourish and health will remain great.

Career– A lot of good opportunities for this week
Health– You are absolutely fine for this week.
Love– romance in the air!



It is going to be a mixed week for you. Even though there would be enough financial benefits, the personal equation will see ups and downs. Health will suffer. But students would excel.

Career– A few decent opportunities would come
Health– Stressful week for you, Sagittarius.
Love– Some problems would arise to trouble your love life



A good week for you! You would see promotion at the office and health will be fine also! Love life will be ecstatic and students will perform their best.

Career– some good opportunities on the way, stay alert
Health– A good week with enthusiasm
Love– Things will be amazing between you and your partner



Not a good week for you, Aquarius! Things won’t go the way you had wished! Love life will be disturbed by a third person! Health will deteriorate and the financial problem would come.

Career– not a reasonable week for you all.
Health– Cold, cough, and fever would trouble you.
Love– Fights between you and your partner.



A very good week for you! You would visit new places with your love. The financial problem will be sorted and health will be amazing! Students will give their best.

Career– decent opportunities would come on your way
Health– an awesome week with you.
Love– Love life will be amazing for this week.

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