Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope : 10th August-16th August

9th August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Detailed Weekly Horoscope provided by the best Astrologer of India  Shweta Bhardwaj.

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A good week for you. You would meet your old friends. Things would go the way you wish. Just be careful about your health. Read some good books.

Career– decent opportunities for this week.
Love– A good week for you.
Health– Just be cautious.



A week full of stress and anxiety. You have to confront several problems this week, including health one. Just be careful.

Career– Not a good week for you.
Love– some disturbances would arise.
Health– anxiety and headache issues would erupt.



A mixed week for you. While your health would get affected, there would be no such financial and family issues. All you need to be patient with things.

Career– There would be some decent opportunities.
Love– a decent week for you.
Health– You would experience ENT issues.



A suitable week for you. Things would turn the way you wish. There would be a few new people in your life. Everything is perfect this week, enjoy!

Career– A good week for you.
Love– romance in the air.
Health– You are ecstatic this week.



A good week for you. Just some financial issues but things will get better soon. Your health will be great. There would be a lot of purchasing too.

Career– A reasonable week for you, you can try your hand in a new job.
Love– an amazing week for you.
Health– a wonderful week for you.



A disappointing week for you. Everything will be disastrous this week, including your health to money. All you can do is be patient and waiting for the right time.

Career– not a nice week for you.
Love– some confusion would arise.
Health– not a great week for you.



Your attention to your objective will be unsettled. But yes, the upheaval in your equation will be settled shortly.

Career– Some issues would occur.
Love– Everything will be fine in your disturbed love life.
Health– You will remain fit.



A decent week for you. Things would go the way you wish for. Starting from health to relationship, everything will be great. You will be in the zone of enormous ecstasy.

Career– good opportunities for you this week.
Love– an amazing week for you.
Health– your fitness will remain unharmed.



A tough week for you. You have to be careful about a lot of things. Starting from your health to your financial condition, everything will be shattered. You have to be cautious about every single thing.

Career– not a great week for you.
Love– An disappointing week for you.
Health– some difficulties would arise.



A reasonable week for you. Everything will be fine! There would be decent opportunities for you. Health will be great too.

Career– decent opportunities this week.
Love– a good week for you.
Health– going to be an ecstatic week for you.



A disturbing week for you. Every aspect of life will be disturbed. Health will be affected vehemently. There would be financial issues as well. You have to take care of everything.

Career– Not a great week for you.
Love– there would be some disturbances.
Health– Some headaches and anxiety issues.



Going to be a great week for you. From love to health, everything will be amazing. You will be in the zone of romance all week. Great enjoyment all the time.

Career– great opportunities this week.
Love– an awesome week for you.
Health– a good week overall.



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