AstrologyVishakha Nakshatra : Whats Special About This Nakshtra?

15th December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

The sixteenth Nakshatra is Vishakha Nakshatra, and its lord is ‘Jupiter’, this nakshatra symbolizes power, position, and authority as it is ruled by Indra and Agni. The Triumphal Arc symbol is used to represent Vishakha Nakshatra, it belongs to the Shudra caste.


Qualities, Naming letter, Lucky number, Dosha, Ruling deity, Lucky color of Vishakha Nakshatra born people

  • People coming under this nakshatra are attractive and energetic.
  • The Naming letter of this Nakshatra is Ti, Tu, Te, To.
  • The Lucky Number is 3 and the lucky color is golden.
  • Dosha associated with this nakshatra is Kapha.
  • The Ruling Deity of Jupiter is Shiva.
  • The Bird representing this Nakshatra is the Red Tail Sparrow.



Vishakha Nakshatra characteristics for  Male

Males born in Vishakha Nakshatra are knowledgeable, honest, truthful, and full of energy, they are very religious however, they do not believe in conservative values.

As far as their profession is concerned they have great speaking skills because of which they can convince others very easily and are bound to become renowned orator and may even enter politics. He can also become a good business, banker, or teacher.

They are not able to get love from her mother because of circumstances such as untimely death, he further may not get along very well with their father due to which he tends to grow-up to be a self-independent person.

They are blessed with good health however they should be careful from paralytic attacks and they might get prone to asthma.


Vishakha Nakshatra characteristics for Female

Females born in Vishakha Nakshatra are very soft-spoken in their homes as well as in the office and work efficiently at both places, she is religious and a very simple person.

As far as their profession they may have an interest in arts especially in poetry and may become great poets or authors.

They worship their husbands and bond very well with him and her in-laws, she always proves her love, affection, and care towards the whole family.

They generally have good health however they may face certain problems such as kidney trouble and general weakness.


The Four Padas of Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra 1st Pada

It is governed by Mars and comes under Aries Navamsa, and the natives here are very energetic and ambitious and the main focus here is on relationships.

Vishakha Nakshatra 2nd Pada

It is governed by Venus and come under Taurus Navamsa, the focus is here on durability and endurance.

Vishakha Nakshatra 3rd Pada

It is governed by Mercury and come under Gemini Navamsa, the focus here is on achieving goals and single-mindedness of the native.

Vishakha Nakshatra 4th Pada

It is governed by Moon and come under Cancer Navamsa, the focus here is on emotional turmoil and how to overcome it.

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