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Hindu mythology is not only an exception for its dichotomous stories but also the emotion, feeling, and sacrifices by the characters to cherish love, humanity, ethics, and morality. We have numerous stories where love and emotion have been glorified with incredible instances of sacrifice. It might be the brotherly sacrifice or a sacrifice in love, we have witnessed significant sagas of love and emotion.

To cherish the love between a couple, we have several stories of Indian women who have made incomparable sacrifices in their lives for the betterment and lives of their respective husbands!

Vat Savitri is another tale of love and dedication in Hindu mythology that depicts the dedication of a lady who fought vehemently to protect her husband. The story evolves between a couple named as Satyavan and Savitri. While living in a forest, they didn’t know about the destined unprecedented death of Satyavan. Yam, the God of death when arrived to take the soul of Satyavan with him, Savitri worshipped The Banyan tree as Lord Vishnu and defeated Yam with her astuteness to get her husband’s life back! From that day people commemorate the day as Vat Savitri and celebrate it as a victory of married women over anything hazardous to their husbands!


Date of Vat Savitri 2021

10th of June, Thursday


Rituals associated with Vat Savitri
  • Women take a holy bath before dawn with
    Amla (Indian gooseberry) and til (sesame seeds) and get dressed in clean clothes.
  • They apply vermillion and wear bangles accessories; synonymous with a married woman consenting to a nirjala (no water intake) fast.
  • Devotees eat the roots of the Vat (Banyan) tree and if the fast continues for three consecutive days, they eat the same with water.
  • After offering prayers to the Vat tree, they wrap a red or yellow colored sacred thread around its trunk.
  • Women offer rice, flowers, and water to the banyan tree and perform Parikrama (take rounds) of the tree while reciting prayers.
  • If a banyan tree is not accessible, devotees can create a painting of the tree with the help of sandalwood paste of turmeric on a wooden base to perform the pooja similarly.
  • Devotees are also expected to prepare special food on the day of Vat Savitri.
  • Once puja concludes, prasad is distributed among all family members.
  • Women also seek blessings from the elderly in their homes.
    Devotees should provide clothes, food, money, and other essentials to the needy.


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