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22nd April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

As you are spending the majority of your time indoors, you are thinking about how the things that you see all around you, are affecting you. As you search about that, you may see the term Vastu, a lot. The fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra is related to the positive or negative energy waves due to various factors related to the Vastu.

As usual, there are few differing opinions on Vastu Shastra among scholars. Some scholars say Vastu Shastra is exclusively applicable to the independent house. It does not apply to Apartments in a building. You can read our views on that topic here.

In this topic, we are presenting you with different ways you can increase the positivity in your house even in current conditions.

Cleaning to negate any Vastu Dosha

Free-flowing energy in a home is capable of eliminating all kinds of Vastu Dosha (Negative energy). Few tips that can help you to improve the Vastu of your place –

  1. Access of sun rays in the house– If any portion of your house is receiving sunlight sufficiently, it helps to remove any kind of negativity. Make sure whichever room or area receives sunlight, it should be left open during the sunrise hour to let light enter freely.
  2. Removing useless electronic clusters – Usually, we end up storing things at our place, which we don’t need anymore, such as non-working electronic devices and gadgets. Accumulation of non-working electronic items in a living place indicates blockage of energy and is not considered good from the Vastu viewpoint. It is better to clear off such clusters and make your home suitable for a free movement of energy.
  3. Keeping toilets and washroom clean – No matter how beautiful your house is, but if your toilet stays permanently dirty, it will add a large amount of negativity. It is advisable to keep your toilets and bathroom clean.
  4. Use of good fragrance – If your living place has some kind of peculiar and unpleasant smell, it is not considered good. The use of good fragrance will help to eliminate the negativity of any kind.
  5. Dusting – Usually, every house has a storeroom, where dusting goes out of the question. Frequent dusting ensures a better Vastu state. Don’t let your storeroom die under the layers of dust. If not daily then at least weekly pick up the job dusting your storeroom.

Proper Positioning to negate Vastu Dosha

Positioning plays an important part in Vastu, you can increase your positivity a lot just from making some minute changes –

  1. Master Bedroom – it should be located in the Southwest direction of the premise. Southwestern direction means the element of the earth. This means a burden that implies stability and immobility. This will help the head of the family remain stable in life and be a good decision-maker
  2. Water – Water-Body must be in North-east so the whole year Sunlight fall on it, it prevents the water from being unhygienic, it would be a good direction for draining water as it would dry very quickly.
  3. Kitchen – The kitchen should be in South-East direction to keep the proper temperature in Summer & Whenever sun travel in Karka Sankranti ( Dakshinayana) from July onwards from East-South-West route Cold season Kitchen area gains heat of Sun too so Temperature shall be a pleasant for working conditions & Energy savings too.
  4. Puja – The position for pooja is a place in North-East, East, North directions. As pooja happens in the morning, the person would get morning rays from the sun that are quite beneficial for health.
  5. Points – There shouldn’t be an electrical point or electronic equipment near your bed. These are considered negative as they cause harmful electrical and electronic ambient pollution which is regarded to be bad for the human body.

Decluttering the Remedies

We give weight to the different corners according to the below tenet.

  1. North East should be the least high, least heavy, and the most well lit.
  2. North West comes second,
  3. South East is third
  4. South West should be the heaviest, highest, and darkest.

With that in mind, we can look at some of the benefits they may provide in your daily routine-

  1. In the morning you will see the rising sun, it gives you tremendous confidence to start off the day (main doors open towards the east).
  2. The kitchen is always full of fresh air & the smell of the food & heat during cooking goes out naturally (AGNI CORNER).
  3. The center of the house (BRAMH STHAN) is covered with a dome that leads to an open sky but there is a space that allows fresh air to circulate the keep the house cool during hot summer.
  4. The north side is left with open space that’s is used as a lawn, giving tremendous peace of mind & keeps the mind stable during rough times.
  5. A lot of arches & Absence of sharp edges keep mood mostly in a smooth state of mind.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture, many people both old and new have spent ages recording, observing, and discovering the ways of architecture. It’s more than three thousand old ancient knowledge, it can’t be just sidelined without any thought.

There are more things to keep in mind than four walls and a roof: House is an anchor in times of turbulence.

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