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Vastu Shastra is the vedic science that helps in removal of negative energy from the place we reside. Vastu for office in India is not more a bizarre idea rather it has gained momentous over time.

Office is the second home for workaholics or ambitious people. A lot of our time is consumed in the office. Office must not feel like burden rather it should allow the flow of high energy and good vibes.

If it does not do so it is highly recommended consulting Vishal Bhardwaj, the best certified Vastu expert for better results and success.

Vastu Shastra has the ability to bring out the balance of harmony and satisfaction in life and work. A Vastu friendly office creates a work friendly environment space. Vastu for home and for office is not the same.

In order to bring peace and harmony in work life, here are some of the tips for Vastu for office in India-

  1. Location-
  • The shop should be North-East facing, as it is said to be auspicious. Although location of the shop is based on the type and nature of business.
  1. Shape of the plot-
  • The shape and size of the plot should not be in irregular shape. It is said that irregular plots create havoc or disturbance in the surrounding of the place.
  • It is preferable to have rectangle, square or triangle shaped plot.
  1. The entry-

The entry of the office should be inviting and wide open.

  • There should not be any hindrance on the front gate, if any remove it immediately.
  • The doors of the entry gate ought to open inwards (push) for the allowance of customers and clients.
  1. Reception-

The first impression of the visitor of the office gets is through the appearance of the reception.

  • The location of the reception is directed by the direction of the main entrance. It is mostly preferred facing the North-East direction.
  • The receptionist should sit away from the main entrance gate of the office and preferably facing the entrance.
  • The reception should not be attached to the main gate of the office.
  • Ideal location of the reception should be the same as of the office.
  1. Worship area-
  • There should be a small worship area in your office in the North-East direction.
  • The owner should keep the area of worshiping neat and clean.
  1. Sitting placement-
  • The cabin of the boss should be in the south-west direction and the boss should sit ideally facing the North or East direction.
  • The conference room or the place for creative team can also be directed towards the North-East, East or North side of the shop.
  • The sales and marketing department of the office is ought to be located in the North side of the office.
  • The South-East region of the office is very significant for the information and technology department.
  1. Washroom –
  • The washroom should be constructed in the Vastu recommended location that is in the North-West portion of the shop. Otherwise West side of the shop can also be considered, if the first preference is not available.

Other guidelines would include –

  • In order to attract customers or clients in to the office the owner can put a water source item like little or mini water fountain in the North-east direction but avoid keeping aquarium.
  • You must avoid having dark colored glasses for the office, it is advisable only if when there is need of privacy and confidentiality in the office otherwise use transparent glasses.
  • The heavy storage material in the office, if any must not be stored in the northeastern region.
  • The parking area of the office is required to be situated in the South-West or the North-West area of the office.

Vastu Shastra for office in India is as significant as the Vastu Shastra for home. Despite the Vastu it is always advised for the manager to maintain good work relationship with the employees and be polite  to them. For more guidelines and suggestions for Vastu for office in India then you must consult Vishal Bhardwaj, the certified Vastu expert at





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