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Bring an aquarium and you bring happiness and life in your home. Aquarium has a world of its own. The fishes are the little pets which not only amuse us but also push away the negative ‘chi’ energy. It is the mini ocean of little fishes.

If you bring an aquarium in your home you bring a new wave of positive aura and happiness in the form of fishes. The fishes in an aquarium create a movement in water which is the creation of positive ‘yang’ energy.

Any good step taken with some mindfulness can add to the cart of goodness.

Here are a couple of queries related to the purchase of aquarium-

  • How many fishes to keep in it?

There are different notions in the number of fishes to keep in the aquarium. Based on the knowledge of Feng-Shui we should keep eight fishes in an aquarium. The number eight symbolizes the power of infinity which allows an abundance of happiness and stability in life.

Even some of the theories suggest keeping seven red fishes and one black-fish in the aquarium and some say the opposite of it.

We as a Vaastu expert advice 8 gold and 1 black (fighter fish).


  • Which would be the best type of fish?

It is common confusion about the kind of fishes you want. Different theories of feng shui acknowledge the type of fish that you can buy can be eight or nine coloured fish with a black-fish in your aquarium tank. The black-fish acts as your shield of protection from the negative energy coming to you. It absorbs the chi energy before reaching you.

Some people prefer a small tank over a big one it could be due to lack of space or anything else. The combination of three goldfish and one black one can be favourable too. The choice of fishes is diverse in the market but the most popular among them are Goldfishes, Arowana, Black Molly, Red Sword and the Dragon Fish.

Fishes are the pretty little beings that occupy the space in our house and heart; so make sure they breathe there properly. Don’t buy too big fishes for small aquariums and vice versa.


  • What is the best location for the aquarium in the house?
  1. To bring out the best of auspiciousness of the aquarium in the house it is advised to keep it in the North or East sector of your home or office. The North region is known for its auspiciousness in career and the East sector represents health and life at home.
  2. Bedroom, Centre of the house (Brahmsthan) and the kitchen is not suitable for aquarium.
  3. The living room, the dining hall and even under the staircase are considered to be the best locations for the aquarium.
  4. People struggling in career or want enhancement in their career must keep the aquarium in the East portion of the house.
  5. If you are struggling with financial issues and someone at your home facing health issues then you can keep the aquarium in the North region.
  • What are the general guidelines that you need to follow?

The following are some of the guidelines that you need to follow before purchasing an aquarium-

  1. Keep the aquarium neat and clean.
  2. You should fill and re-fill of water in the aquarium from time to time.
  3. Always ensure that your tank filter is in working condition.
  4. Take care of your fishes and if they die, replace them with a new fish.
  5. Do not overfeed your fishes as it is advised to feed them in limited quantity.
  6. You can also keep the surrounding of the aquarium interesting by placing colourful pebbles and artificial grass.

The aquarium is advised to be a compilation of all the elements of nature. In case you need more suggestions and remedies you can reach us at

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