VastuVastu– A Belief or A Concrete Reality?

31st August 2019by admin0

Vastu – the science of architecture is dated hundred or thousand years back. From our temples to our home and to the office we have Vastu is advised everywhere. But do we understand it all?

Build upon the basis of elements of nature which are earth, air, space, water and fire, Vastu is often clouded with the myths around it.

The misconceptions about Vastu have misguided us about the immense knowledge and benefits of this ancient subject. We are busting the five common misconceptions about Vastu that are raised by the people many a times –

  1. House deconstruction is necessary

Nest for some, cave for some – a home has always been the heart of many. A dream house takes years of hard work to build. Our home is where our heart and soul is. It must be a harmonious place to be in, so many of us take the help of Vastu expert to get aligned with the elements of nature.

If your house is not in coordination with Vastu principles that do not mean you should break your house into shatter, this would not only involve money but will also bring haphazard in your life. For an instance if you have bathroom adjacent to your kitchen which is not a good sign of Vastu then closing the bathroom or less use of it would be a better remedy. Few remedy of Vastu go a long way of harmony.

  1. The remedies can burn hole in our pockets

We often refrain from taking up a Vastu consultation as it seems expensive to us without even trying to ask about it. Just like we need a doctor, our house needs a Vastu expert. The Vastu consultations and remedies are not so expensive that it would build a piling debt on you.

The chaos in house and the disruptions in the family members are more expensive than the Vastu remedies in itself.

  1. The Vastu remedies work in our home only

Vastu has its magic spell for a rented home as it has for our own house. If it is not your own house does not mean the chaos of wrong placements won’t happen.

The literal meaning of Vastu is the place where we reside. Vastu is applicable in our house and our office too. The applicability of Vastu is widened to all the architectural designs but the remedies would differ.

  1. The particular direction is the most auspicious

No direction is the worst direction. Although the North-East direction is said to be favorable for most of the activities but this does not concludes that all other directions are pitfalls.

Vastu does not come with hard and fast rules, exceptions and remedies work as relief in it. The South direction is defamed as the most malefic direction. Some say that it is the direction of ‘yama’ and would welcome the negative ‘chi’ energy into the home.

  1. Only some plots and zone are beneficial-

Do you say a student is worse and the other one is better? No you don’t. The comparison and forming straight ward norms about a particular zone or a plot would be wrong. Some zones are better and some are not so you should temper the house or a building is not the best solution ever.

There are some logical reasons which make preferences. Before coming down to any conclusion, it is highly advised to reach out to a Vastu expert for great results.

Vastu is backed by the logics of architecture and the placement of items to bring the harmony in the environment. We hope the fog of confusion about Vastu have been cleared with the light of knowledge shared. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.

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