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We all are aware about the importance of a kitchen. It is a place (backbone of the house) where our daily nutritious food is cooked which provides us energy to do our work and lead a healthy life. A house is incomplete if there is no kitchen. Every house wife spends her most of the time in kitchen & wants to have an organized, spacious and clean kitchen.

In olden times, housewives used to cook food on open stoves and other stuff was done outside like washing of utensils, pre-cooking preparation of food items, etc. Vaastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen is primarily based on the directions of the Sun and the wind, and helps in balancing the energy in your kitchen along with maintaining the peace and happiness in the life of family residing in that home or apartment.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian art that utilises the energy of natural elements like the gravitational force of the earth, light of the Sun, winds direction, rainfall intensity, etc. and uses them to balance with the surroundings.

We are focussing on the Vaastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen in this article whose location and situation is equally important than any other place in the house. There are certain defects associated with kitchen that results in various health problems. Let us focus on the Vaastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen to eradicate those defects.


  • It is best to make kitchen in the southeast direction as this direction is in tune with the fiery energy.
  • If the kitchen is in south direction, then it creates an imbalance between the fiery and earthy tatwas. As a result, it will only cause some problems to the male child of the house and it need not be health problem.
  • Kitchen, if located in the southwest direction, then it will totally irritate the inimical earthy tatwa ruling southwest causing serious health problems to the owner.
  • Kitchen, if located in the west direction, will imbalance the harmony between air and earth. Air is known to be a friendly tatwa to fire, this type of mismatch will not cause any health problem. But, the assemblage of three tatwas will surely cause conflicts thereby creating different kinds of problems like misunderstanding between family members, especially with elders.
  • If the kitchen is located in the northwest direction, then it will not pose any health problem but family members will not take their food simultaneously. Also, there will be ample wastage of food.
  • In the north direction, it will again create an imbalance but this time between air and water. Air is friendly but water is dangerous for fiery kitchen that will lead to professional problems and not health problems.
  • The northeast corner is not suitable for kitchen because it is located in an adverse tatwa. Fire struggles to exist with its identity in the pool of water. Hence, it will cause health problems for the lady of the house along with the children.
  • Kitchen if located in Brahmanism will ruin the complete family.


Not only the location of kitchen, there are other things too that should be considered while analyzing the vaastu like storage of utensils & food grain, dustbin & broom direction, refrigerator position, water purifier location, sink position, windows, microwave position, flooring, kitchen entrance, taps, cooking direction, clocks, storing racks, cylinder, etc.


To get the best out of Vaastu Shastra, it is always advisable to consult a Vaastu Expert. Consult Vishal Bhardwaj for Vaastu advice to solve your life problems.

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