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Colors can add a completely different dimension to our lives. Every emotion in us is related to some color. Colors bring liveliness, happiness & vitality to our lives. Everyone is attracted towards colors, a house which is simply made of brick and cement is not liked by us until and unless we embolized it by colors.


In Vaastu Shastra also, colors play a vital role. If used appropriately, then colors can bring positivity. In the same way, these are used to rectify the defects of Vaastu Shastra. Different colors are associated with different elements of Vaastu. For example, Blue with Water, Brown with Earth, Red with Fire, etc.

In Feng Shui also, colors are associated with five elements which are Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood. The placements of these colors are as per directions are according to the various schools (Direction based school & Entry based school) defined by Feng Shui.

People often get confused as in whether to put colors according to Vaastu or as per Feng Shui hence, it is advised to use colors with the combination of Vaastu colors or color therapy. Color therapy is a scientific treatment. This will help people in getting rid of the perplexion of chosing the right colors.

The fundamentals of color theraphy originated from the cluster of colors in the sunlight known as vibgyor, which has strength and properties to heal many diseases.

  • North-Eastern room should be of white or purple color as it is regarded as the most sacred room of the house. It is strictly prohibited to use dark color in this room.
  • South-Eastern room should be of orange or yellow color.
  • South-Western should be of brown, off white or peach color.
  • If the bed is kept in South-East direction, then the room should be of green color.
  • There is no restriction of color for North-Western room but it should not be completely white.

Different colors has different powers to adjust the positive or negative aspects of human behaviour. Let us read below the powers of different colors:

Color Positive Effects Negative Effects
Red Stimulates strength, joy, happiness and love.

Red can raise vitality & improve blood circulation

Red vibration can bring fear, dangerous passion, lust and aggressiveness
Orange Stimulates creativity, ambition, lively activates along with generation of pride Excessive exposure to orange can lead to nervousness and restlessness
Yellow Golden yellow is known as a spiritual color which can bring compassion and creativity Too bright yellow is over stimulating to the psyche and nerves can cause mental irritation even to the point of destruction. Yellow also represents cowardice, prejudice, destructive domination
Green Soothing, peaceful, healing, & cool Can bring selfishness, jealousy and laziness
Blue Cooling, smoothing and pain relieving Too much blue can bring depression
Indigo Healing and stimulates creativity, growth, etc. Stands for stagnation mental fatigue and starving without success
Black Power and sexual color Encourage the worst in people with criminal tendencies

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