VastuUnable to Focus on Studies? Vaastu has got Answers.

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A study room is a place where one can sit peacefully and study with full concentration. This room should be decorated according to Vaastu principles. A peaceful environment is created in the study room with the placing of elements in the right direction. If books, tables, chairs, lights are in the right direction as per Vaastu, it will help you concentrate on your studies and give you peace and knowledge. It makes children good with their learning skills and boosts them to do well academically.

Vaastu of the study room is very important for children to concentrate and sit for a long time without feeling tired. Some children begin to study but lose focus soon due to a lack of concentration. A lack of focus and concentration is unusual to complain from children and as per the best Vaastu expert in India, designing of study room recommendations is the key to this problem.

According to the best Vaastu expert in Dehradun, the study room must be in the Northeast direction of home. If it is not possible, North or East direction would do. Besides, it is best to have a pyramid-shaped room as the Shastras deem it to be extremely auspicious.  This would improve the grasping power of a person sitting inside and gain knowledge effectively and easily. These directions improve absorption power. Make sure there is no mirror in the room, this may double their workload. Make sure that student does not study under the beam otherwise he or she feels unnecessary pressure.

The placement of your study table is important for concentration. The study table should be placed in the East or North. While studying the child should face East or North for better concentration. The table must be a few inches away from the wall. The child should have a strong wall behind him as it signifies support and open space in front of him which helps to think better and it augments fresh ideas.

As per the best Vaastu in Ghaziabad, the study table should be rectangular and square in shape; it should be medium in size. A table of small size can be uncomfortable and big size can affect the working capacity of the child. It will help students to focus more on their studies and the results will be good. The study table should not be cluttered with lots of books.

Bookshelves and cabinets should be placed in the East, North and North-East directions. The cabinet should not be placed in the center of the table, leave the central portion empty. Avoid bookshelf above the study table it may create unnecessary stress for the child.

The Study room should have proper lights and colors. It should be well lit and must have outlets in the form of windows to bring sunlight. A study lamp is a must in your study table; this would enhance your luck and keep in the South-East corner of the table. The walls of the study room should be painted in light colors rather than dark colors. Light colors like green, blue, cream, white are auspicious for the study room and avoid black color for your study.

The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. On the walls of the study room, if inspiring pictures of the rising sun or galloping horses are present, this would enhance the inspiration, and students would yearn to learn more.

Tips to create an environment of study room effectively:

  • Avoid Television in the study room, it interrupts the concentration of students.
  • Place the computer in the South-East of the room.
  • A pendulum watch should be put on the North wall of the room.
  • The windows should be larger on the Eastern side and smaller on the Western side of the room.
  • Make study room clean, clutter-free and noise-free.

Vaastu is extremely important for the study room to strengthen a child’s concentration and helps in gaining control over their mind, in order to boost focus. In case you need more suggestions and remedies you can reach the best Vaastu expert in India Vishal Bhardwaj at

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